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National Indigenous History Month – Support Diverse Entrepreneurs

June marks National Indigenous History Month in Canada. 

In an effort to amplify diverse voices and make diverse entrepreneurs more discoverable, a permanent collection on Shopify’s free mobile shopping assistant, Shop, was released earlier this month, highlighting Indigenous-owned businesses. These new collections can be used as a resource for Canadians to not only discover, support and shop from these incredible brands, but also learn more about their personal stories and in some cases, how their heritage has inspired their entrepreneurial journey.

The Indigenous collection supports a mix of over 60 Indigenous-owned brands on Shopify from across North America including Canadian brands such as:

Sisters Sage 

(Vancouver, BC) Founders, Lynn-Marie & Melissa-Rae Angus, sell modern wellness products made with traditional Indigenous ingredients. The founders felt it was important to start a business where they could create something to help others, and showcase their culture in a positive way to share with the world.

Uasau Soap 

(Iqaluit, NVT) Located on the coast of the Arctic Ocean in Nunavut, Uasau Soap draws its inspiration from prehistoric Inuit tradition and the Nuna (which means everything found on the land and in the sea). Uasau Soap’s work is guided by Inuit Qaujimajatuqangi – or IQ – which is traditional knowledge of Inuit passed on through generations. Their soaps use materials harvested using traditional methods and no part of the animal is wasted when they harvest for the soaps.

Sapling and Flint 

(Ohsweken, ON) Through their business, Mohawk Nation designers Dakota and Jesse Brant raise the profile of authentic Indigenous design, stories and artists in the global market. Their designs share the story of Turtle Island. With their business, they are creating space for Indigenous youth to have a positive upbringing that shares accurate and positive reflections of themselves. 

Below, you’ll find a list of Indigenous-Owned Businesses that you can check out and support.

Heart Berry
Aurora Heat
49 Dzine
Sister Sage
Edzerera Gallery
Satya Organic Skincare
The Halluci Nation
Awasis Boutique
Beam Paints
Beaded Dreams
Birch Bark Coffee Company
Cheekbone Beauty
Fat Daug
Wachiay Studio
Her Braids
Hinaani Design Store
Iskwe Rising
Lesley Hampton
Mini Tipi
Mother Earth Essentials
Neechie Gear
Sunday Lace Creations
She Native
Running Fox Beads
Ojibwe Cultural Foundation
Northwest Coast
Salish Design
Noho Home
Ojibwe Clothing
Tribal Trade Co
Red Rebel Armour
Bliss Tea Kombucha
Trickster Company
Uasau Soap
TP Mocs
Eighth Generation
B Yellowtail
Contemporary Korowai Designs
Sapling and Flint
Totem Design House
Native Design Clothing
I-hos Gallery
Yoeme/Yaqui Woodcarver
Native Harvest
Thunder Island Coffee
Oxdx Clothing
The Bone Art Place
Maori Arts Gallery
Vosq Clothing
Three Sisters
Erasmus Apparel
NATE Aboriginal Apparel
Warren Steven Scott
Indigo Arrows
Cloudberry Native

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