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Montreal Comiccon: 8 Notable Reasons to Get Geek Chic This Year

Celebrities, costumes, and Q&As. This year’s Comiccon has everything you’ve ever wanted if everything you’ve ever wanted is to meet and mingle with the stars of your favourite sci-fi shows and movies. Oh and don’t forget about the cosplay too

Don’t be alarmed.

If you see grown adults running around the city of Montreal this weekend, dressed up in costume as caped crusaders or as doppelgangers from your favorite sci-fi/fantasy movies and TV show characters—there’s a reason.

Montreal Comiccon is back this year with a BANG and starts today at Palais des Congres.

The Con is in its 6th official edition and it will to be nothing less than the most notable geek-inspired convention you’ll ever experience. The event itself, spanning three floors, is expected to generate its largest attendance to date with an estimated 60,000 attendees.

So what’s different about Montreal Comiccon this year?

It isn’t just for comic geeks anymore. The culture is slowly transforming into a popular trend; a pop-culture-esque geek themed trend, if you will. Only geek is no longer used as a pejorative term—it’s got swagger now.

Which is why we’ve put together eight notable reasons you should hit up Comiccon this year to find out for yourself.

The Guests and the Q&A’s
This year the Con guest list is beyond your wildest dreams.

Here are just a few of the notable names you’ll be able to ask your one burning question:

Billy Boyd from Lord of the Rings

Emily Kinney from the Walking Dead

George A. Romero from Night of the Living Dead

Harley Morenstein from Epic Meal Time

Hulk Hogan

Jonathan Frakes from Star Trek: the Next Generation

Matt Smith from Doctor Who

Osric Chau from Supernatural

Stephen Amell from Arrow

Sir Patrick Stewart from Star Trek and Xmen

Notable Tip: Before arriving to the con make sure you download the guidebook to your smart phone. All the info you need will be there—Q&A times, etc. You can even create a custom list of to-do’s.

The Panels
What would a successful convention be without interesting panels and a chance to hear industry YPs discuss important pop culture issues?

“Sex and Violence” is one you do not want to miss. Amber Goldfard, a local actress who has been featured in the Assassins Creed video game series, as well as in the sci-fi television show Helix, will be present on this panel.

Notable Tip: If there is a particular panel you want to get to make sure you do so in advance. Comiccon is known for its line-ups so be ready to wait if you don’t show up to something in advance.

The Photo Ops
Who wouldn’t want to stand in a photo next to Sir Patrick Stewart?

Well, this is your chance. For a small fee, you schedule a time to get your photo taken with the celebrity you so desire.

Notable Tip: Bring cash.

Celebrity Autographs
You’ll have to stand in a line for these but meeting and greeting your favourite star should definitely make the wait worthwhile.

Notable Tip: Expect to pay a small fee—hey, who said fame was free?

Masquerade and Cosplay
Montreal Comiccon is famous for its outrageous costumes and sexy cosplay outfits.

Notable Tip: There will also be a masquerade ball at 8 p.m. on Saturday.

Are you a fan of Horror flicks? There’ll be a focus on The Montreal Horrorfest, featuring horror and psychological thrillers this year at the con. And there may even be special guests in attendance to introduce the screening.

Notable Tip: Remember that guidebook we told you to download—use it for this.

Celebrity Panels and Meet & Greets
For an extra fee, have a meet and greet with Stephen Amell from Arrow, or drop by a panel with Star Trek: TNG, or if you’re a fan of wrestling, Hulk Hogan’s “uncut”.

These are going to be a blast, for the best seats in the house, check your guidebook and get there before the scheduled time.

Notable Tip: Try not to pass out with excitement.

It’s Trending
As a YP you want to be on top of the hottest trends. And chic-geek is trending more now than ever. So if you want to sink your teeth into the full experience, buy a VIP pass that gets you early access to the site and thus a chance to mingle with all the stars that’ll be attending.




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