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Monica Gomez of The Concierge Club: The CEO You Need To Know

If you haven’t heard of Monica Gomez already, chances are you’re out of the loop. As CEO of one of Toronto’s most elite events and staffing agencies, The Concierge Club, Monica is the driving force behind the city’s most talked-about premium brand experiences. For Gomez, this year has been a big one. In November, she won Entrepreneur of the Year – Canada at the Stevie Awards for Women in Business, her charity work landed The Concierge Club with a plaque on the SickKids Hospital donor wall, and she continued to build her impressive client list with brands like Sephora, Cadillac Fairview, Hewlett Packard, Guerlain and Hyundai Canada. Whether it’s holiday-party toasts with Scott Disick or Bieber-family engagement parties, you can count on  Gomez’s creativity and expertise to deliver and deliver in style.

Fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit, Monica started her first business in her hometown of Vancouver with her sister with a specific mining industry focus, due to the size of the industry in the west coast. When the stock market crashed, marketing dollars were cut first, causing Monica to take a leap of faith all the way to Toronto, where she would eventually start The Concierge Club in 2011.

When establishing brand values for her business, Monica prioritized client goals above anything else. “We care about the work we put out and how it’s perceived. For our clients, that means consistency every time. We believe in giving our clients premium design and execution without an inflated price tag. And we are strong believers in over-preparing so we can over deliver,” Gomez says.

Monica credits her team’s heart as their greatest strength, noting that the growth of the company directly relates to her team’s passion and dedication. The combined organization and work ethic of The Concierge Club team are key components for executing with a high-level of success. “We are all emotionally invested in each other, our clients and the quality of products that we put out – that shows in every event we execute. Our corporate culture is also one of the most important things to me. I want everyone to be excited for Monday and to love what they do. We often have team outings and we share a million laughs daily. I can honestly say that I feel like the luckiest CEO on the world that I have found the team that I have and as we grow we continue to attract the best of the best. It’s the law of attraction I suppose.”

Notable Life had the pleasure of checking out Monica and her team in action at The Concierge Club‘s latest activation with HP. Monica and her team created the ultimate brand experience to amaze their clients and the consumer. This specific product launch engaged consumers with a zero gravity photo wall paired with an exclusive meet and greet with the Toronto Raptors’ Danny Green. Consumers were invited to take fun photos using the photo wall and share them to social media tagging the client.

Gomez details that there are many moving pieces to an activation like this that her team analyzes from a micro level. “We pay attention to all the small details that a consumer (or client) might not even think of. This activation, in particular, called for coming up with a shareable, creative, on brand consumer experience for HP. Once the design was approved we considered which malls would participate based on demographics, location and time of year. We always aim to have cost savings for our clients so we develop the most cost-effective tour plan. In addition, this campaign called for celebrity negotiations with Danny, followed by media, social media campaign, app development and a ton of logistics that we won’t bore you with because that is our job. And as a consumer, your job is to come and enjoy.”

The creative process for any given campaign begins with Monica’s leadership and ideation with the support of The Concierge Club‘s incredible team. “We love to sit down as a team and brainstorm so everyone is involved in the creative process and vision. Sometimes ideas just come to us, other times it takes a lot of time researching and throwing our wild ideas around until one sticks.” Monica has been able to develop a process that works beautifully from start to finish, noting that the most gratifying part of her career is, “seeing an event come together and knowing the work that went into it.”

However, great work is not achievable without great challenges. When asked what hurdles she faces in her professional life, Monica said, “I have everyone looking to me in the toughest of times and I need to be their strength. I try to keep a poker face when things are really stressful to keep moving forward in the most difficult of times. I’ll always maintain a positive work environment for my team no matter how big we grow. I want to give our clients 5-star service every single time. Our team all shares a hug once a program has launched successfully and we laughed about the moments we shared leading up to it. When my client sees the build or event for the first time, when happy consumers interact with our activations, it’s the look their faces that makes all the hard work worth it.”

To learn more about Monica Gomez and the work that The Concierge Club does, click here.

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