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Katy Perry Knows Instagram Stories Is Best For Brand Marketing

Katy Perry used Instagram Stories to market her newest shoe collection from The Katy Perry Collection adventure.

Katy Perry launched the Katy Perry Collection last month and chose Instagram Stories to tease her collection. Yesterday, Perry posted 6 photos of her most recent lineup of statement shoes and captioned them, “sneak peak” (a typo, should have read “peek”), along with a video which included commentary on each piece. 

Since Instagram’s launch of Stories, the snap-shot timeline has been both entertaining to engage with and a marketer’s dream.

For many brands, Instagram Stories are generating more engagement than Snapchat. Nike, for example, published a Story on Day 1 of Stories and generated 800,000 views in 24 hours. The sneaker brand’s highest performing video on Snapchat has generated only of 66,000 views to date, according to Nike’s social media agency Laundry Service. The disparity is clear and will likely continue to grow as Instagram continues to innovate its offering. 

Image: @katyperry

The benefit of Instagram Stories for marketers is all about data collection.

For celebrities like Katy Perry, it’s the klout from their personal accounts that hold the marketing power. The Katy Collections Instagram channel has a following of 47.1K since its first post from less than two months ago. Katy’s personal channel has 62 million, so it’s the clear channel choice for marketing her products. If she posts brand marketing Stories on her own channel, Katy can use that information to help grow the Katy Collections channel.

Another great example of a celebrity who is marketing a brand is Kate Hudson and her company Fabletics. Hudson’s reach is much wider than Fabletics’, so she regularly gives Fabletics sneak peeks on her personal channel to publicize the brand and connect the athleisure goods with her personality.  

When a celebrity puts a charming voice behind their own brand via raw footage, it feels like a peek into their world. Data shows that fans and followers are happy to have that access. 

Image: @katyperry


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