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Instagram’s Gorgeous New Headquarters is the Definition of #OfficeGoals

Instagram just got a brand new selfie-worthy office – and it looks just like Instagram.

And if your working environment already leaves you less-than-inspired, you may not want to read any further.

The rapidly growing company now employs over 400 employees, most of whom were based in Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters.

Naturally, a new office was in order.

Yesterday, the company revealed its impressive new digs.

Gary Reyes/Bay Area News Group

The office is complete with a light-altering photo creation area (naturally), a library, a fully stocked cafeteria and Blue Bottle Coffee (complete with a selfie wall for its coffee-craving customers).

Ample windows offer ample sunshine, providing a natural filter for all the selfies snapped on-the-clock (which we assume are totally allowed).

One of the most notable features is that the design of the building matches the look of the app. This means bold pops of colour, a digital gallery, and framed photos of Instagram users.

Gary Reyes/Bay Area News Group

Instagram was previously based on a floor in one of the buildings on Facebook’s campus. The new office is now in a stand-alone building.

While the previous space was around 45,000 square feet, the new space is 65,000.

Gary Reyes/Bay Area News Group

Despite increased competition from companies like Snapchat, Instagram now counts 500 million monthly active users.

Gary Reyes/Bay Area News Group

The company isn’t doing too shabby in the ad revenue department either (and subsequently, neither are these Instagram models).

And suddenly, we feel inspired to paint our own walls…

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