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How To Make Toronto’s Favourite Dishes at Home

Remember restaurants, you guys? Perusing the menu, pairing your meal of choice with a cocktail, ambient music and people watching?

While many restaurants are still open for takeout and delivery since social isolation began, I find myself craving specific dishes, treats, drinks from different places around the city. You probably feel the same. With some extra time on your hands and a wee bit of gumption, why not recreate some classic Toronto restaurant staples at home? Here is a list of our faves that we dearly miss, and how you can make them for yourself. 

Fat Pasha Roasted Cauliflower

Anthony Rose, eat your heart out! This famous middle-eastern roasted cauliflower recipe is everything you want and more. It’s flavourful, healthy, hearty, colourful, full of texture and will even leave meat lovers wanting more. For an impressive night-in, here’s what you need to recreate this dish

Recipe courtesy of Munchies 

Mother’s Dumplings Pork and Chive Dumplings

Albeit an ambitious choice, making dumplings from scratch is rather therapeutic, and yields nothing but delicious results.

Recipe courtesy of Epicurious 

Momofuku Milk Bar Corn Cookies

The Cadillac of cookies, Christina Tosi, the chef, founder, and owner of Milk Bar, (the sister bakery to the Momofuku restaurant group) has so graciously shared her beloved cookie recipes online so that the sweet addicts out there can recreate them.

Recipe courtesy of The Kitchn

The Bake Shoppe Ruffles Marshmallow Square

I dreamt about these the other night. So I made them. A unique twist on a 90s classic, Ruffles Marshmallow squares satisfy both salty and sweet cravings, and make for a really nice curb-side drop off gift for friends and family. And, if you’re feeling a little extra special, throw some crushed Cadbury Mini Eggs in the mix, it’s delicious, I promise.

Recipe Courtesy of Lauren’s Latest

Tabule From Beirut with Passion Cocktail

The signature cocktail at all three Tabule locations, this is a good addition to your happy hour rotation during this time. Fruity but not too sweet, refreshing with a touch of sparkle, it’s the perfect spring cocktail. P.S., this recipe yields a pitcher, because, why not?

3 oz bacardi rum

5 oz malibu passion rum,

1 cup fresh watermelon juice

1 cup passionfruit juice

Juice of 2 limes

12 leaves of muddled mint

1 Cup Simple Syrup – 1 part water, 1 part sugar

Pour into a pitcher with lots of ice

Garnish with some mint leaves and enjoy!

La Banane Mignonette for Oysters

For a shucking good time, you can Instacart a pound of oysters right to your front door, and make this amazing mignonette to zhuzh them up a little more than a slice of lemon and tabasco would. I promise the shucking will be the most difficult part of this recipe, but please don’t take your chances and check out a YouTube on how to shuck your own oysters if you don’t already know how to do so. 

Recipe Courtesy of Bon Appetit

Grand Electric Smoked Mushroom Taco

Memories of eating one of these on a blanket at Trinity Bellwoods Park seem so far away, but not any longer. For the vegetarians out there, here’s a yummy recipe taco for you:

Recipe Courtesy of Coveteur

Jimmy’s Coffee Oat Milk Hot Chocolate

What can we say, we love our oat milk. But have you ever had the oat milk hot chocolate from Jimmy’s Coffee? Okay, even if you haven’t, you might not need to because you’ll be making your own from home. Here’s the recipe:

Recipe Courtesy of A Cozy Kitchen

Gusto 101 Cavolo Nero Kale Salad

This kale salad is to the Toronto food scene what Drake is to the Toronto music scene, and here it is just in time for salad season to begin. Add a seared flank steak or some grilled salmon for some extra protein if you please.

Recipe Courtesy of Sabrina Smelko

A quick word to the wise, if you love a dish and miss it dearly, chances are that someone else – with a bit more culinary expertise – does too and you can very likely find a recipe for something similar online. Google search really is a thing of beauty. Happy cooking!

Danai Mushayandebvu

Danai is usually scrolling through Instagram in search of new restaurants, things to do and places to be. While she has no formal dance training whatsoever, she hopes to be part of a professional hip-hop troupe someday. You can follow her escapades @dnizzler