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How to crush your 2020 travel goals: smarter, better & more rewarding travel

You may have heard the phrase, “the world is getting smaller” and in many ways, it’s quite true.

Advances in technology have made it easier than ever to get from one side of our planet to the other, and with more people moving about than ever before and closing cultural gaps, it’s an amazing time to be alive if you love to travel and are curious about new countries and cultures. 

With that said, planning a trip to a new continent can seem daunting. The good news is, there are travel forward organizations that revolve around making your next trip unlike the ordinary: better, smarter and more rewarding.  Whether it’s an organized group travel company or a credit card that is tailored to your unique lifestyle, we’re seeing a world of possibility waiting to help you maximize the quality of your travels for years to come. 

Leave complicated trip logistics to the pros:

For some, researching your next vacation and planning the itinerary is the best part of travelling. For many others, the time commitment of planning every small detail, unfamiliarity associated with travelling to a new continent, foreign language barriers, and striking that perfect balance of comfort versus authentic local experiences can be daunting. Let’s face it, it’s nice to know the basics will be covered with a travel expert that knows the region, inside and out, so you can focus on having fun, building relationships & engaging all of your senses in new experiences. Travel companies, like Contiki, specialize in exactly this. Select your adventure, preferred travel dates, budget, and boom! Explore the trip options tailored to you

You can even personalize your trip by selecting from various travel styles, such as “Iconic Essentials” trips that are more budget-conscious and allow much more time and freedom to explore, or an “In-Depth Explorer” trip that’s will focus on smaller, local areas that you’ll get to know thoroughly. 

Plan trips with built-in friends and expert guides:

As a generation immersed in our “prime years” for building a career, family, or whatever other lofty goals us millennials chase, it’s not always as easy to find a travel buddy. Especially one who aligns with your timeline, your budget, and your dream destination. 

What we love about companies like Contiki, is that they specialize in group trips for 18-35-year-olds and design travel experiences for either small and intimate groups of under 15 people, or larger groups of 30+ people for those looking to meet many new friends. Regardless of group size, all trips are led by a knowledgeable and passionate Trip Manager to assist with every step in making it a memorable and seamless adventure. In trips such as the Tanzanian safari, Contiki’s team also consists of local drivers who know the area like the back of their hand. When’s the last time you went off-roading solo through the open desert?  

Choose a travel credit card that enhances your experience:

 Because of the legacy constraints of banking and loyalty companies, historically Canadian consumers haven’t been able to reap the benefits they deserve. All of that has changed with Brim Financial, a credit card issuer and fintech company shaking up the industry. At its core, Brim focuses on delivering the greatest value possible back to the consumer. The Brim card and platform are tailored to each members’ lifestyle, plus it’s packed with everything you need for your next adventure, like free global Wi-Fi, no foreign transaction fees and a global rewards program. Sound too good to be true? It’s not.   

Breaking this down, it’s about $350 in Wi-Fi savings per year, and if you plan to spend $5,000 on your next trip, you’d be saving approximately $125 in potential foreign transaction fees just by using a Brim card instead of your current card that likely charges you 2.5% per purchase. In addition, Brim Marketplace helps you save even more with hundreds of exclusive offers with up to 30% back in points at participating partners across all industries, including group travel, vacation homes, airlines, hotels, car rentals and more. With a Brim card, you’ll also get access to over $500 savings in first-time bonuses, alone! 

Brim’s rewards are unlimited and uncapped. So the more you spend, the more you earn – period. Once you earn points, you can redeem them on any purchase, made anywhere in the world, or as cash back towards your statement balance. Now, instead of being locked into redeeming points of a minimum threshold with a specific airline on a specific flight, you can go and book your flight at best market value(with any airline!), purchase it on your Brim card, and redeem your points on that flight. 

Real-time purchase notifications, flexible payments & security toggles right in your pocket: 

Whether you’re using Brim for travel or for your everyday purchases, you have full control and access to all of the features right in the Brim mobile app available for iOS and Android.  Get real-time purchase notifications, lock your card, redeem points, track budgets and more – anytime and from anywhere in the world. 

Members also have the flexibility to pay for large purchases, like a trip, in smaller monthly payments with Brim Installments. Users simply go into the Brim app and select a payment plan of their choice for any posted transaction over $500. Even more, members enjoy premium travel insurance with the Brim World and Brim World Elite cards. 

Contiki and Brim have come together to enable the most rewarding travel experience – leaving the adventure and fun up to you. Brim cardholders earn 15,000 points ($150 value) on their first Contiki trip booking and up to 15% back in points on all trips. Plus, use code CONTIKI when you apply for Brim and get 1,000 bonus points! 

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Carla Bragagnolo

Carla is in constant pursuit of the extraordinary; she is based out of Toronto due to its proximity to great food, its diverse music scene, and because it allows her to catch a flight to pretty much anywhere. Follow her adventures at @carlabrags.