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Holiday Shopping Lifesaver: Go Mobile or Go Home

We all know holiday shopping can be stressful.

But eleventh hour stress that leaves you scrambling to find last minute gifts and stocking stuffers is a whole other level of pressure.

Rest assured, though, there are many ways you can make holiday shopping easy (and possibly, maybe, kinda even fun).

When time is of the essence, you need a plan in place to tackle the crowds, the lines, and just the general madness you’ll find in malls and shops in every city. Aside from the obvious organization tips, our best suggestion for success is to call in all the advantages your smartphone has. You know, that thing that’s always in your hand – ya, it can help you with more than just posting selfies.

Basically, if you’re not using your phone as your own personal shopping assistant, you’re doing it wrong.

For starters, if you haven’t already downloaded a mobile banking app, now is the time to do so (welcome to 2015, friend). ‘Cause with mobile banking you can leave your Costanza wallet, cash, debit card, and credit cards at home – the only thing you’ll need to succeed with your last minute holiday shopping is your phone.

As one of the highest rated mobile banking apps in Canada, Scotiabank’s mobile app has a lot to offer customers, including the Scotiabank My Mobile Wallet. A feature of the mobile app, My Mobile Wallet is extremely easy to use, especially for last-minute holiday shopping.


What’s the game-changer? My Mobile Wallet allows you to simply tap to pay for purchases under $100. It offers access to Visa and Debit accounts on Android and Blackberry devices, as well as the ability to collect reward points at the same time – nothing but your phone necessary.

Coffee to keep you going? TAP. Scarf for mom? TAP. Yet another pair of socks for Dad? TAP.

Forgot your wallet – Doesn’t. Matter.

Of course, another important feature of Scotiabank’s My Mobile Wallet is its ability to collect and redeem rewards points (think: SCENE).

So, after you’ve finished shopping for everyone on your list, you can reward yourself with a little buttery popcorn, the big screen, and a few hours spent in Hollywood (rather than the hectic pace outside your favourite theatre).

This holiday season, be smarter with your smartphone. You can thank us later.


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