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Hilarious Instagram Account Shames Passengers For Being Disgusting on Airplanes

You’ve all heard of slut shaming and fat shaming. But there’s a new type of ritual humiliation in town…

And unlike the first two examples, this is one we can definitely all get ‘on board’ with.

Because the best new Instagram account is here, and it’s all about publicly embarrassing those in-flight weirdos who get super strange while they’re up in the air. Passenger Shaming is a series of photos taken by anonymous flight attendants and fellow passengers (submitted and then uploaded to the feed) that illustrate the shocking way some humans behave when they board a flight.

We get it — you’re sleepy and drifting off is difficult in an upright seated position. But you know what else is a challenge? Falling asleep when you have someone else’s calloused, bunion-y feet sneaking through the gap in your seat, waggling in your face.

Passenger Shaming is awash with feet. Dangling over arm rests, snaking across windowsills like tentacles and performing acts of gymnastics as they handstand above the rest of the cabin. Some clip their toenails. But they’re not all monsters — if they’re fancy, they might even put their talons in a teacup when they’re done.

In fact, sometimes it feels like that’s all people do on flights. Peel off their sweaty socks, shove their pesky trotters in the unsuspecting faces of the passengers in the row in front, and pass out for the duration. This Instagram account could be renamed Feet on a Plane, because you actually start to wonder if there are more pairs of feet than there are human beings attached to them.

But then you find the naked torsos. And then you remember that there is more than one way to skin a cat (which is a euphemism, but then again you never really know with these passengers). Last time I checked, planes were normally cold places, where extra blankets a scarce commodity. But if these pictures are anything to go by, flights are basically a cross between sauna and strip club, where everyone is encouraged to share their tighty whities with other flyers.

Even if you’re not put off by the sight of all that skin on display, it’s unlikely that a Mile High hookup is going to be on the cards. Near misses in plane bathrooms were yet another repeat offender on the Instagram page. Maybe it was turbulence, perhaps they had just woken up, or probably people are just the actual worst — but for whatever reason, a common motif in the gallery were poops that didn’t quite make it into the bowl.

So next time you’re feeling frisky in coach class, just remember that what you’ve seen here today, can never be unseen. We’re officially renaming it the Vile High Club.

And if you don’t think any of this is gross, then watch out for any stealth photo taking on your next flight. Because you could be the latest passenger to be shamed.


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