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Hawaii Will Convert Old Buses into Homeless Shelters

After the wheels on the bus have stopped going round and round for the daily commute, Hawaii has found a great use for its city buses.


A Hololulu-based architectural firm, Group 70 International, has plans to convert retired buses into homeless shelters. Joined by the city’s executive director of housing, Jun Yang, the firm will convert five buses into travelling homes for those who live on the street.

Once on board, some of the city’s most vulnerable will be able to live, sleep, shower, and engage in recreational activities. The buses will work in fleets, with each having a specific purpose. Some will be bathrooms and shower facilities, while others will serve as sleeping facilities with beds that fold away like Murphy beds.

The buses will keep their working air conditioning systems.

All supplies for the project will be donated by local organizations, and the work will be done thanks to the efforts of volunteers. If all goes according to plan, the first two buses will be completed this summer, and all five will be ready later this year.

The innovative project gives a whole new meaning to the term “bus shelter” – and we love it.

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