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Hart Republic: It’s Time to Ditch Your Double Wardrobe

If you work downtown then you’re no stranger to the double life of clothing that comes with the gig. The pressed white shirt that makes you feel oh so dorky, the shoes that seem like a fashion faux pas after 5 pm, and that work skirt that you can’t wait to ditch. Thank goodness we’ve found an alternative – Hart Republic is here to save you

Taking a quick stroll through the +15s at lunch is the best argument for why the YP women of Calgary need another option for fashionable work attire.

While half of the women you see have obviously spent a small fortune on outfits that can’t be worn outside the office, the other half look like they’ve just plain given up.

And to be fair, maintaining two well-curated closets is neither cheap nor sustainable for many of us.

So if you find yourself struggling with the duplicity of a double wardrobe then we suggest you look up Hart Republic. Made with the go-getter in mind, the clothing here will help you look your best while you focus on more important things; like building your own empire.

Kaylyn Monk, the engineer turned fashion focused businesswoman, has just landed in Calgary and is excited to get the work crowd dressing better.

As someone whose always had a passion for style and clothing, Monk saw a serious gap in how women dressed in the office and knew there had to be a better option.

 “It was time to ditch the dress pants for something a little more creative.”

With a shift in flexibility around hours, titles, and workspaces, it only seems fair that fashion in the office is also changing.

Now this doesn’t mean that we’re recommending you show up at your next team meeting going grunge or rocking yoga pants, but it might be time to rethink that blazer that makes you feel like your mom.

Focused on working with a creative handful of LA based designers, the Hart Republic site has a flattering collection of outfits that are appealing and easy to mix and match.  

Here, you’ll find pieces that would be welcome in the boardroom, at the Christmas party, or even on a date later in the evening.

If you’re looking for any ideas, both the Hartbreaker and the Solange dress are pretty gosh darn hot.

And we mean that in the most professional way possible, obviously.  


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