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France Just Made ‘Green’ Roofs Mandatory for All New Commercial Buildings

France is up to some pretty progressive things as of late. First, they sought to ban anorexic-looking models. Now, the country is getting a little greener. In a law passed yesterday, all new commercial buildings must now be partially covered by plants or solar panels

France is having a pretty great week.

First, the country sought to ban anorexic-looking models, and now it’s announced that each new commercial roof must be partially covered in either plant or solar panels.

In a law approved yesterday, each new commercial building must abide by the tight environmental restrictions. The new law, however, is more limited in scope than environmental activists in France would have liked as they wanted to make green roofs mandatory on all new buildings, not just those in commercial zones.

Still, it’s a step in the right direction, and one in which others should take note.

Toronto has. 
In 2009, the city adopted a by-law mandating them in industrial and commercial buildings.

So when will the rest of Canada follow?

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