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This New Hair Dye Changes Colour Like a Mood Ring

“Fire” is a new hair dye that changes colour according to your mood, kind of like a mood ring.

Ring the alarm: An alleged real life witch has invented colour-changing hair dye.

Lauren Bowker grew up in Reed, a small town that is very close to Pendle Hill — another small town famous for its ties to witchcraft in the 1600s. But Bowker isn’t a Harry Potter-type witch, she’s simply a witch in her spiritual way of living.


Lauren is also the founder of THE UNSEEN, and organization that uses data visualization and chemistry to create “shock fashion.”  THE UNSEEN employs a group of scientists and engineers to create inventive designs that “enhance the unseen.”

Lauren’s most recent invention is called Fire, a hair dye that changes colours according to your mood. It unfortunately isn’t magic changing the colour of your hair — it’s temperature, kind of like a mood ring. The dye is made from thermochromic ink. The ink creates chemical reactions to certain stimuli, or change in environment, which results in the colour change that we can all see.

Fire comes in multiple shades from pastel to bright red. Picture this: when the heat in your environment rises the dye may turn fiery red. When it drops, your hair may turn jet black. Fire is semi-permanent dye, and is only supposed to last a few washes.

THE UNSEEN collaborated with Storm Models to début their new product at London Fashion Week. The company is currently working towards taking Fire to market.


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