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Doug Ford Wants to Change the Slogan on Ontario License Plates

It’s likely you’ve never known Ontario’s license plates to say anything other than ‘Yours to Discover’.

Well, that could change very soon.

According to government documents obtained by Global News, Premier Doug Ford wants to see a new slogan on commercial vehicle license plates.

“This initiative will see us refresh a license plate design that’s been relatively unchanged since the 1960s and — depending on the slogan chosen — help to rebrand Ontario as a business-friendly province,” reads the paperwork.

The new slogan will allegedly read ‘Open For Business’. Yes, you do remember correctly that this was one of Ford’s campaign slogans. Or maybe you read the catchphrase on one of 25 new signs at 18 locations near border crossings recently. A little promo by the Conservative government that cost taxpayers more than $100,000 somehow.

The good thing is you, a non-commercial entity, might not have to drive around with what is essentially an ad for Doug Ford on your car. “While no decision has been made, that is a slogan the Government for the People is considering for commercial vehicles only,” said Ford’s office in a statement.

Or maybe you will. Global News cited a source contradicting the Ford office’s statement, saying all vehicles will need to have ‘Open for Business’ blaring across their license plates.

In any case, the Premier of Ontario using our private property to enforce electioneering is super shady and should probably be blocked in one court or another.

Christian Nathler

Christian Nathler is a contributing writer at Notable Life.