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Creating Space for Creatives: How Toronto’s Latest Podcast is Shedding Light on the Creator Economy 

Toronto is overflowing with creatives that are pushing boundaries and moving their industries forward. The podcast, Cast of Creators, is on a mission to shed a light on these talented, passionate individuals. The recently launched podcast chats with notable guests about their creative pursuits and all of the challenges, joy, and excitement that come along with it. 

Notable Life recently sat down with Carly Rais to discuss Cast of Creators, how it got started, and where it’s going. 

 Ali: Tell us a bit more about the Cast of Creators podcast! 

Carly: Cast of Creators is an audio & video podcast hosted by Nelson B. Thall and Casie Stewart. Each week, Nelson & Casie set the stage for industry-leading guests to share their story and creative pursuits, in a casual conversation at Hvr Studios. 

What are the goals and mission of the show? 

Cast of Creators is presented by Hvr, our new mobile browser that’s social. Hvr is on a mission to empower creators and brands to generate millions of dollars by monetizing the conversations and engagement around their published content. 

We’re taking Hvr’s mission to the next level with Cast of Creators by creating space for industry leaders, bloggers, creators, and more to share their passions & perspectives.

With some background on the podcast, tell us more about the hosts! 

Nelson & Casie have spent their careers in media and publishing.  

Nelson, the CEO of Hvr, grew up in the newspaper business. For over 75 years his family owned the largest newspaper in Canada, the Toronto Star. 

Casie Stewart is an award-winning content creator and expert in digital media. She’s been documenting her life since 2005 on her blog She’s been at the forefront of brand storytelling through influencer marketing and a career at MuchMusic & MTV Canada.

Why should fellow Torontonians be tuning in? 

Cast of Creators is a great way to learn more about your favourite creators and industry professionals. You can only learn so much about someone from social media. With Cast of Creators, listeners get a backstory of the guests, learn from the struggles they’ve overcome, career highlights, and what’s next. 

Tell us about episode topics and formats? 

Each episode is wildly different depending on the guest. No matter what, we make it a fun and uplifting conversation! Cast of Creators is an open & honest conversation for about an hour. We talk with leaders in fashion, entertainment, photography, media, and some of Canada’s top creators.  

We have some exciting episodes coming up with Chef Brandon Olsen; filmmaker, Marian Owen; actress, Cory Lee; photographer, Elaine Fancy; and children’s entertainer, Lisa Sonshine!

Why did you decide to use podcasts as your chosen medium to spread this message? 

A relaxed, long-form, conversational podcast is a great way to learn more about someone’s true self, let their light shine, and really get a sense of their vibe. 

Our new studio makes our cast feel right at home while we discuss platforms & partnerships, content ownership, and what’s next for creators of all kinds. 

Where are you hoping to take Cast of Creators, do you see it growing into any other mediums? 

Right now, we’re focused on growing our audience at, YouTube, and other social. Video is such a powerful form of content that allows our viewers to capture the entire essence of ourselves and our guests. 

Where can readers tune in and learn more about the podcast? 

People can follow on Hvr, subscribe to Cast of Creators on our YouTube channel, or follow on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Also, follow along on Instagram to stay tuned for our latest episodes!  

Listen to Cast of Creators:  

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