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CEOs in India Are Driving Around in Luxury Vans So They Can Tolerate Traffic

Commuting sucks.

And since we’re apparently too inept to actually solve the issue, there’s now a growing market for improving the quality of being stuck in traffic.

Because hey, if you can’t get rid of traffic, you might as well enjoy it.

In India, where a growing middle class has reduced cities like Mumbai into a crawling abyss of vehicles, one company is turning the situation into an especially lucrative business.

DC design, led by former GM engineer Dilip Chhabria, converts scrapped SUVs into luxurious offices on wheels, retrofitted with everything CEOs of India’s rapidly emerging economy could ask for in a mobile street pod: plush leather seats, fine wood inlays, blazing fast Wi-Fi, Crestron media systems with touch screen menus offering live TV, video-on-demand, and local programming from any major city. Some even requested cardio equipment.

It’s kind of like what Xhibit was doing with Pimp My Ride – except Chhabria’s creations actually function.

Just take a look at these things and tell us you wouldn’t love to spend three hours getting from Toronto to Guelph on a Monday morning:

Photos courtesy of Bloomberg, Becker Automotive Design and Inksa’s Armoured Vehicles

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