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Category: Young Entrepreneurs

Making Audio Waves: How This CEO is Making Podcasts a Non-Negotiable for Brands 

 The recent growth of on-demand audio is undeniable. The Canadian Podcast Listener 2021 report showed a steady year-over-year increase in daily, weekly, and monthly podcast listenership since 2017. Currently, 29% of Canadians 18+ are listening to podcasts on a monthly basis. Along with the industry’s growth, we’ve seen a growing number

Driving Transparency: How One Startup is Making Your Used-Car Purchase Safer

There tends to be a collective feeling of suspicion and distrust when it comes to purchasing a used car. Questions about the vehicle’s functionality, mechanics, and needed repairs have to be asked. A solution to this uncomfortable experience? Kiwiz. Adélaïde Favé and Edouard Schaeffer founded Kiwiz, a startup that’s working to