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A Very Notable FFWD Launch Party

Last night we kicked off FFWD: Advertising and Marketing Week the only way we know how – by throwing one hell of a party (if we do say so ourselves). The swank second floor of The Spoke Club was filled with stylish young professionals (YPs) of all kinds

FFWD Adweek: Who You Need to Introduce Yourself to

If you get the chance and appropriate opportunity (key word: appropriate), AdWeek events offer a chance to introduce yourself to some notable professionals who are doing big things. Our Notable picks are Jian Ghomeshi, Gunnard Johnson, Steve Irvine, Chris Hadfield and Robert Bridge, and here’s why

FFWD AdWeek: Notable Networking Tips That Work

You have to make your conversations count at this week’s FFWD Advertising and Marketing Week. Not the social butterfly type? Here are five networking tips that work; because if there was ever a time to network, it is right now

FFWD AdWeek: Hot Conversations Starters to Sound Like a Pro

If you find yourself in the company of that key contact you’ve been dying to meet, you need to at least sound like you know what you’re talking about. Lucky for you, we have done the research for you, in everything from industry trends like the creative newsroom to new social platforms like Jelly and thought-provoking advertising campaigns

What You Need to Tweet During FFWD AdWeek

Twitter plays a huge role in advertising and communications, and if you’re on your phone, you best be tweeting. In addition to highlights of the speakers series, here is what you should be spending your 140 characters on during the week