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The World’s 6 Most Incredible Historic Luxury Hotels

They say some things get better with age, and luxury hotels the world over certainly prove that to be true. Rich in history and culture, these hotels have been aged to perfection – some many centuries over. From castles and palaces to manors and estates, a stay at these luxurious

You’ll Soon Be Able to Uber a Hot Air Balloon

As we progress through the Uber Revolution, there is nary a commodity that cannot be Ubered. We’ve already seen on-demand helicopters, massages and puppies. But why stop there? The kind-of-legal company recently announced that it will soon allow users to request hot air balloons in a bid to become more than a ride-hailing

You Can Bid on the World’s Largest Uncut Diamond Tomorrow

What would you do with ~$90 million? If you’ve reached this sentence without an answer, might we suggest splurging on a fabulous rock with a Canadian touch? The world’s largest ever uncut diamond is set to go up for auction at Sotheby’s London tomorrow (June 29th). The highly coveted carbon

How to Stay Positive When You Lose Your Job

Unemployment and getting laid off are inevitable parts of working life. With a shaky economy, millennials work in a competitive and often challenging environment – and it’s more than likely that we’ll lose our jobs involuntarily at some point in our career. Perhaps you were fired, or maybe you were