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TikTok 2022 Is All #ForYou: The Year of Inspiration & Aspiration

It’s no secret that TikTok has been dominating the attention-capture game, thanks to its creator-centric platform. Unlike other social media that shall not be named, TikTok has understood the assignment. They take what their users want and put it on steroids, making the platform the fastest-growing, most addictive, binge-worthy social

The Orange Table: Mionetto Brings Riposo to North America

The first time I experienced riposo I had no idea what was happening. I was eighteen, backpacking around Europe and I had feet on the ground in Italy for about six hours, off the train in Brindisi before hopping the ferry to Greece. My travel companion and I were eager

Canadian Collab, Wuxly X Bryan Adams – The BAD Collection

Canadian born sustainable outerwear brand Wuxly has teamed up with none other than the Canadian rock legend, Bryan Adams, to release the limited edition capsule “BAD Collection”. Let us be the first to tell you, it is bad to the bone – in the best way. A mix of sustainable

ON is In: the global rise of a Swiss running shoe

Building a global brand from a running shoe may seem like an impossible feat in an industry dominated for decades by a swoosh and a handful other brands making billions. But, in 2010, Olivier Bernhard didn’t set out to create a shoe specifically, he wanted to create a new running


SheWarrior is a fierce brand of athletic wear born from the mind and passion of Natlyn Jones; Stylish and purpose-built for moving and sweating. Natlyn’s eye for fashion, a life within athletics, and an entrepreneurial spirit have all intersected perfectly in the creation of SheWarrior. We had a chance to