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#CareerGoals: CEO and Founder of Rozaay Management, Randy Rozaay

Toronto-based, well-connected CEO and Founder of Rozaay Management, Randy Rozaay launched a thriving creative marketing, branding and talent management company with an extensive roster of talent. Their motto? Leverage fame at every turn.

What does your company do?

Rozaay Management is a social enterprise that specializes in creative marketing and branding. We also manage talent like NBA players, social influencers and more.

What does your day to day look like?

No two days are ever the same. My day usually starts out with answering emails and working on proposals, as well as overall client management and working on client needs. A lot of times I have meetings in the evenings, fitting in a Raptors game or family time where I can!

How did you get into this?

I used to play basketball and from there, starting coaching, coaching turned into an opportunity to start managing players. It started with one player and eventually through networking turned into multiple players. I saw a niche market for athletes and brands which led to Rozaay Management.

What makes your job #careergoals?

I love my job because I create my own schedule. I do what I want when I want. I am in control of what my day looks like and I’m in control of being creative and thinking of unique ideas to be different. I am very big on being different and I believe my company and my vision gives me the opportunity to do that.

What exactly makes Rozaay Management different?

One example is when we did an event with Danny Green at Yorkdale Mall. The Concierge club, a Toronto-based agency reached out and wanted us to bring in the talent. We extended that further by not only bringing Danny Green but also creating the marketing materials, bringing in about 200 kids from all over the city, hired the photographer and videographer and overall managed the event day, making sure everything went smoothly. Going from them just asking if we could bring in the talent to providing all of these other services they didn’t know we had was exhilarating. We cover everything from A to Z.

How does this career feed into your overall life goals?

One of my life goals is to become a stay at home dad. I enjoy the freedom to go into the office when I want to but I also enjoy working from home or remotely. Overall, it’s been important to me to find different ways to continue my career while still being able to have the freedom and eventually, when I do have a family, to be able to spend as much time with them as possible.

How could I get into this career?

There is a more conventional route where some people go to a four-year school, get their degree, eventually get their Masters. Some even go to law school and become a lawyer so you can deal with contracts and things like that. My route was different. I had the opportunity to work with talented kids and that flourished into what my career is now.

What type of personality is suited for what you do?

Someone that is very confident: even if you aren’t feeling that way, you have to show it. Someone who is also well spoken will do well in this field – you have to be able to talk and connect with people. Building relationships is so important. My company is built off of relationships and many relationships built with NBA athletes has grown my company that has done 5 figures in a year to a company doing over 6 figures – hopefully growing more and more.

What are three tips for being successful in this career?

  1. Never stop learning
  2. Build organic relationships
  3. Continue to find different ways to invest in your vision

Tell us a secret about your job?

I don’t sleep much!

Anything exciting coming up?

A bunch of exciting things! We are doing a women’s event March 20th in partnership with Shopify called Innovate Her. The event is focused on entrepreneurship and technology.

 You can connect with Randy on his personal instagram, as well as the Rozaay Management’s instagram or reach out at

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