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Canadian Supermodel Coco Rocha Helps Your Instagram Profile

Canadian Supermodel Coco Rocha may just help you get more Instragram “likes.” Yesterday, she released a new coffee table book, Study of Pose, to offer a little inspiration into the art of posing – whether you’re a model or not. And let’s face it: pictures of you on the internet aren’t slowing down anytime soon

Most of us tend to have that one reliable go-to pose in photographs.

But it can get kind of old/creepy when you scroll though your Instagram profile and the only difference in all the shots is that you’re in a different outfit.

The thing is, we know you’re not a model and you don’t have to try to be… but picking up a few posing inspirations from a pro (see: supermodel Coco Rocha) probably won’t hurt your Instagram game.

So if you’re looking to add some variety to your body language in photos, Rocha’s new coffee table book (YP homes can never have enough of those), Study of Pose, offers a little inspiration in the ever-so-important art of the pose.

And by ‘a little inspiration’ we mean she strikes1000 different poses.

Shot with photographer Steven Sebring (he’s done GQ and Vanity Fair, NBD) using a 360-degree photography rig complete with hundreds of Canon cameras, the black and white art book was published yesterday.

There’s also an app that lets you view the pose from 360 degrees around Rocha’s body (which, we have to say, is sort of a work of art in itself). 

Rocha wears a full-body nude leotard as her body forms to pose in ways influenced by ballet, classical sculpture, and even pop culture icons like Michael Jackson. 

The 26-year-old Canadian supermodel knows a thing or two when it comes to posing, having appeared on the covers of Vogue, W, and Harper’s Bazaar, and she’s walked the runway for Oscar de la Renta and Jean Paul Gaultier. On top of that, she’s appeared in campaigns for Versace, Yves Saint Laurent and Zac Posen.

Calling the book a homage to any pose that’s influenced her, Rocha says that the takeaway is to learn to have more fun with the camera… so you can stop taking yourself so damn seriously with your perfectly calculated head tilt and skinny arm pose.

You may have thought your Instagram game was real before, but now, thankfully, it’ll also be different from everyone else’s. 


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