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Blooming as Your Best Self: How Bloom Balance was Born

Balancing Self-Care with Bloom Balance founder Dr, Aliya Visram.

We live in a time where self-care is SO commonly talked about, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to partake in all the time. People are busy – there’s work, workouts, trying to catch up on a year and a half of lost socialization, and so much more going on. How do you make time for self-care?

That’s where Bloom Balance comes in. Bloom Balance creates products that allow you to add a little bit of self-care to your everyday life. Their ear seeds, the product that started it all, allows users to put the self-care benefits of pressure points into the palm of your hand… or in this case, the points of your ear. 

I sat down with Dr. Aliya Visram, co-founder of Bloom Balance, to talk about her journey with this brand. 

Katie: Well, thank you for taking the time! I spent all night on your website, and I’m so excited about these ear seeds. However, for those who haven’t been all over your site, tell me about what you do!

Aliya: So glad about the ear seeds! There definitely is a learning curve, but you’ll be fine with them and we have so many videos to coach you through it. But by day I’m a chiropractor and acupuncturist with a focus on prenatal, postnatal, and pediatric care. I co-founded wellbe and Bloom Balance with my sister and BFF, Sarina. Our vision for both brands was to help busy people find a little bit of mindfulness in their lives and help self-care be a little more attainable. Our Bloom Balance products are rooted in Eastern medicine and we use them in our treatments. We had patients ask us all the time where to get the products we use, so we wanted to give people a chance to bring these products home with them and find that mindfulness and balance every day. 

I love that! And embracing new treatments for health is so important. 

Totally. Sarina is a chronic wellness user and has always been so into it, and I had a background in it. So we melded the two things together and created a company that had easy-to-use products – and Katie, I promise, it’s so easy once you get the hang of it – that bring wellness home. The whole self-care world is so focused on meditation and green juices and appointments and all that stuff. It’s amazing! But what happens if you can’t do those things? Is mindfulness and self-care off the table? No, it’s not. You can incorporate it into your everyday life. 

And one thing that was really cool I noticed on your website is everything is affordable. And self-care culture can be very unattainable and unaffordable, so this is amazing to see something accessible, something that people can afford to do as a step for self-care. 

We tried our best to make it something you can access!

Well it worked! I was blown away by the affordability, in the best way. So, what made you want to get into Bloom Balance? 

Essentially, I got into chiropractic and acupuncture because I knew I wanted to be in healthcare. But I didn’t love mainstream traditional ways to help people heal and that there would be more to it for me. My sessions include a good chat, treatment, and sometimes a good cry and a cozy hug at the end. That’s something that was really important to me, I wanted to connect with people. That’s where wellbe came from. We wanted to make a clinic that is so warm that it made everybody feel like a community. So we decided, by extension of that, let’s bring a little bit of wellbe to them. So we made Bloom, something they can purchase and it’s attainable and create that health and good vibes at the comfort of their own home. 

I’m sure it’s hard to pick a favourite, but do you have a favourite product at Bloom?  Is there anything you use everyday?

I have to go with the OG, the ear seeds. I think that’s why we spent so much time launching them and I love them so much. I would love to say I do self-care every day, but I don’t. And the thing with the ear seeds is that they’re meant to be easy. You wake up, choose the pressure points you want to use that day. If you wake up feeling stressed, I feel better for the day. They’re working their magic and I can go about treating my patients. I can give them a squeeze and it serves as a reminder to take a breath and take a moment. It’s like accu-on-the-go. Self-care, anywhere and mindfulness, anytime. 

This seems like an amazing product! What are some of the benefits of the ear seeds?

So the ear seeds tap into auriculotherapy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine,  the ear is its own body. It’s a microsystem of the entire body. There’s somewhere for neck pain or back pain. Instead of going there on your body, you use your ear and by stimulating those pressure points, it sends a message to your brain to relax and create more energy and blood flow. Based on that, the ear seeds are an added stimulation point. It’s based on something that has been around for thousands of years, even longer than traditional medicine. 

Those benefits sound amazing! Now I have to ask, with a brand so rooted in self-care, what do you do to practice self-care throughout the day?

It’s so funny you ask because I am all for self-care and preaching it, but I am the worst at practising it. Some days it feels like “who has time for this?”. So besides the ear seeds, which I have in my ears all the time, I try to add little things. I throw on mindfulness mantras, some that come in our product because the product comes with mantras. I also ensure every night I do a little skincare routine. It’s enough for me to get grounded that way. At some point, it’s important to give you at least a few minutes to ground yourself and get thankful. 

It’s a small ritual that makes a difference!

Totally. And for women, it’s something we are so focused on and not in a bad way. It’s an amazing thing. 

I agree! We are so trained to take care of others first. So I think this self-care movement is so powerful for women. 

Yes! Like, Mommy is going to read you a bedtime story, but after I do my skincare. 

I love it! So, I have to ask, do you have anything exciting coming up we can look forward to?

Actually, yes! We have a skincare line coming out in December, just in time for Christmas. I can’t give too much away, so you’ll just have to wait and see more about it. 

And who can go wrong with giving a little bit of self-care this holiday season? You can check out the Bloom Balance store here to get your hands on these amazing products (and mark your calendars for the December skincare line)! 

Katie McCann

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