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These Are the Best Cities in the World for a Spring Vacation

Ah, spring – salt-stained sidewalks, the constant threat of rain, and winter’s lingering urge to get the hell out of here.

So why not act on the impulse and book a trip?

US News & World Report recently released its ranking of the world’s best spring destinations, offering all the inspiration you need to see what’s happening on Skyscanner. The ranking is based on “an analysis of expert and user opinions,” as well as votes by fellow travellers.

Unsurprisingly, Montreal cracked the top three. This makes sense, of course, considering that the time of year that follows a Montreal winter can only be considered magical. But it wasn’t the only Canadian city to feature – Vancouver was ranked the 9th-best city in the world for a spring Vacation.

Combined what will probably be another popular park season, Montreal and Vancouver’s designations as spring hot spots could propel Canada to breaking another tourism record in 2018.

Here are the top 20 spring vacation destinations according to US News & World Report:

  1. 1. London, England
  2. 2. Madrid, Spain
  3. 3. Montreal, Canada
  4. 4. Sydney, Australia
  5. 5. Washington, D.C. (USA)
  6. 6. Brussels, Belgium
  7. 7. San Diego, USA
  8. 8. Jackson Hole, USA
  9. 9. Vancouver, Canada
  10. 10. Lisbon, Portugal
    11. Sedona, USA
    12. Telluride, USA
    13. Lake Tahoe, USA
    14. Athens, Greece
    15. Grand Canyon, USA
    16. Innsbruck, USA
    17. Adirondacks, USA
    18. Miami Beach, USA
    19. Monaco
    20. Destin, USA

Christian Nathler

Christian Nathler is a contributing writer at Notable Life.