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Pro Tennis Player Vasek Pospisil on How Functional Mushrooms Changed his Life

Vasek Pospisil, Canadian pro tennis player, has dominated the tennis court for 13 years.  Now, along with Russell Henderson and Justin Kates, he’s set his sights on the business world with the launch of his new venture, Hekate; a DTC functional mushrooms brand. While it may seem like an unusual

#NotablePeople: Mylantha Davey, Founder of Cherry Gardens

Cherry Gardens is the loungewear of your dreams.  This Canadian brand is helmed by creative extraordinaire, Mylantha Davey. A Vancouver native, Davey moved to Toronto ten years ago to pursue her passion for fashion. The idea for her brand came to her while she was working as a brand marketer;

20 Brands Celebrating and Giving Back for Pride 2020

Pride looks different this year. At the onset of this month, the world came together to demand justice for George Floyd and an end to police brutality. And with lockdown orders still in place in much of the world, Pride parades were cancelled. But Pride is much more than public

13 Podcasts About Race and Racism to Better Educate Yourself

Education is the first step in learning how to be better allies. While doing my own research and readings it’s become woefully apparent that our education system is severely lacking and has fallen short in highlighting and examining the atrocities of the past and their impact on the Black community

Black-Owned Canadian Businesses You Can Support Right Now

As activists and organizations across North America are working tirelessly to highlight and end police brutality, people from different communities are asking themselves how they can make an active and sustained contribution to the Black Lives Matter movement and the black community. Donating to organizations fighting racial injustice (list here)