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Eating Green Over St. Patrick’s Day

St.Patrick’s Day is arguably one of the greatest celebrations in Montreal, a festival in our city since 1824! Despite the slushy streets, cold winds and potholes, Montreal turns it up a notch in the name of green, colcannon and stout. This year, prepare yourselves for the copious amounts of stout and eat like a Saint! Here are some of our “I’m feeling a wee Irish today” go-to spots in Montreal for some authentic Irish pub grub

Montreal’s Most Notable Spots for Take Out

Too busy to cook? Or maybe just lazy? Either way, it’s no secret that a little bit of both of these things have us asking, “What the hell am I eating tonight?” Don’t look through an empty fridge or shove your mouth full with unimpressive junk. You have delicious options

Our Favourite Spots for Canadiens Hockey and Dinner

I’m going to get right to the point: hockey’s back! I don’t want to take this lightly, so I’m making a serious list of my favourite places in Montreal to watch Habs games and eat fantastic food. As the weeks go on, I’ll be discovering and sharing new places to watch and eat. Enjoy my classic go-to list

Montreal’s Best Places for a Holiday Dinner

Depending on your circle, you may end up being alone in your apartment watching three seasons of Gossip Girl, or going out every night looking for mistletoes and open bar parties. For something in between, we have a few suggestions