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Hump Day: Beauty and Excess

You probably remember the Seinfeld episode where Elaine’s boyfriend has the tendency to speak in close proximity. You may be beautiful, but close-talkers are excessive and downright obnoxious. Learn the trusty forearm block from Maya Chendke.

Hump Day: Pecker

We all have a few “peckers” in our social or work life. Take that term any way you want – it’s several meanings probably define the type of person we’re about to talk about in this article anyway. Here’s how to avoid them and how to avoid being them

Hump Day: Day Date

With packed social and work schedules, young professionals are increasingly avoiding setting aside a large chuck of time for a typical nighttime date. Maya Chendke explains why cramming your next date into your daytime routine is already setting the stage for the “friend zone”

Seasonal Textual Disorder

Did the luck of the Irish help you get lucky this St. Patrick’s Day? Or did your text message blitz backfire instead?

Hump Day: Mirror, Mirror

Sometimes a young professional’s reputation precedes them, without even trying. Are you aware of what someone would say about you around the water cooler (or cocktail party)?