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Hump Day: X it Out

I’m going to share a dirty little secret. A method to my madness, if you will. Something that has been adopted by some of my friends, and mocked all the same. But, heck, it’s worked for me in the past! Just give me credit if I happen to become your heartbreak guru

Hump Day: Lock it Up

Everyone goes through the year of the wedding. When all of a sudden, your young professional social calendar is full of showers and nuptials and happily ever afters. I’ve heard many of you out there fretting. Tis the season

Hump Day: The Set Up

As young professionals, we’re pretty awesome at making things happen. I’ve made many an introduction in the past, connecting people and projects together. We trust each other’s recos and referrals. So when my mentor told me she was introducing me to a family friend of hers, I didn’t think twice. Maybe I should have

Hump Day: How to Make It Through a First Date

Dating isn’t your forte? No problem. Thinking of it as networking, something most young professionals are probably already quite comfortable with. Maya Chendke breaks down the strategy and offers a few choice activities to facilitate that first meeting

Hump Day: #gymspiration

Working incredibly long hours and building an active social life can be extremely rewarding, but eventually you’ll hit the inactivity plateau if you find these commitments are taking away from being physically active. Here’s how you can get back into the fitness mentality