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An Independent, not-for-profit University in Ontario is Opening Its Doors This January

This January, the first cohort of students will be starting their undergraduate journey at the International Business University (IBU), a newly founded independent, not-for-profit university in Ontario. IBU was created by Tim McTiernan, the Founding President and Vice-Chancellor, and a board of leaders from other institutions in Canada’s educational landscape.

Emily Hosie Disrupts the Baby Resale Market with Rebelstork

While many of us are used to seeing clothing resale companies such as ThredUp and Poshmark, there was one resale market that had room for disruption: baby and kids gear. Emily Hosie is a Toronto based mother and former retail executive who recognized this opportunity. After an uncomfortable meet up

How Melissa Zuker Pivoted Toronto Market Co. to Thrive During the Pandemic

Toronto Market Company (TMCo) was one of the many companies that had to pivot during the pandemic. Founded in 2014 by Melissa Zuker, TMCo’s mission was to create vibrant pop-up food markets in downtown Toronto. The market’s focus was to highlight the city’s diversity and spirit while bringing residents and

Meet Kristi Soomer, Founder of Slow Fashion Brand, Encircled

Fast fashion is a known detriment to our environment and one founder is doing something about it. Meet Kristi Soomer, Founder of Encircled. Encircled is a slow fashion brand that does it all. In Kristi’s words, “Encircled creates clothing without compromise.” It is a Certified B Corporation, which means it