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#CareerGoals: Creative Brand Strategist and Producer Meghan Kraft

Meghan Kraft is a busy woman. Not only is she the Creative Producer at Somewhere Variety, but she’s also a brand strategist for a handful of other companies. She starts to laugh immediately when asked, “how can we describe your job?”. Straying from a defined path and instead choosing to

#NotableYoungPros: Founder of Koho Daniel Eberhard

Daniel Eberhard didn’t know he was going to change Canada’s financial industry when he set out to help his brother save money. But that’s exactly what he did. Noticing his friends and family being taken advantage of with unfair practices many of us had accepted as the norm such as

#NotableYoungPros: How Jordan Anderson Bet on Cryptocurrency and Won

Jordan Anderson isn’t your average salesman. He’s VP of Sales and Marketing at Bitbuy, a Canadian owned and operated digital currency platform that allows you to add dollars and exchange for digital currencies. You might remember the big news stories surrounding Bitcoin at the end of 2017 when it’s value

Presenting: The Inaugural Notable Board

Notable Life is the place for young, driven passionate millennials. Our community has a unique perspective on the world.  As an organization, our aim is to unite a culturally connected group of professional millennials that provide a 360 perspective on life.  Here at Notable Life, we want to have it all

Looking at Toronto Today Through A 20th Century Parisian Lens: New AGO Exhibit

If you’re looking for an activity to fill your Family Day long weekend, look no further than The AGO. Their newly launched exhibit, Impressionism in the Age of Industry, is one of the first impressionist exhibits of it’s kind. “Impressionist artists are most famously known for recreation and leisure, at