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Audi Just Unveiled a Limited Edition Bicycle for $20K

For $20,000, you can score a brand new, top-of-the-line Audi – with two wheels, which weighs less than six kilograms. Yup, that's how much it'll cost to own this luxe new bike from the German car manufacturer, recently unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show

How much would you pay for a top-of-the-line bike?

$2,500? $5,000? $7,500?

How about the price of a car?

Audi has unveiled its latest bicycle design, an ultra-light limited edition masterpiece that exceeds the state-of-the-art and comes with a price tag that matches what a low-end vehicle would cost: $19,650.

The frame weights less than five iPhone 6 Plus phones (790 grams) and is made from the same carbon fiber material, T1000, you’ll find in Audi’s sports cars – which, according to an Audi spokesman, accounts for the astronomical price. The total weight of the bike is less than six kilograms.

First revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March, only 50 of Audi’s luxury bikes are available worldwide.

You want to impress you friends? Tell ’em you just scored a brand-new Audi for $20k…and leave out the fact that it only has two-wheels. 

Photo: Audi


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