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Are We All So Self-Involved that We’ve Forgotten to Support One Another?

My mother may not be the savviest when it comes to social media (just last week she somehow shared a link for Facebook rather than my most recent Notable article), but she is a very smart woman. Being my mother, she is also my biggest and most loyal supporter. A few weeks ago she questioned why didn’t more people like/share my articles? Although I shrugged off her inquiry, it really got me thinking.

Have we become so “busy” and self-involved that we’ve forgotten to support each other?

Our generation is bursting with entrepreneurs and small business owners; self-starters motivated to succeed. We have side projects galore and our hustle definitely exceeds the 9 to 5. In a world currently filled with so much sadness and troubles, shouldn’t we be more encouraging regarding the dreams of our friends wherever possible? Isn’t that what friends are for?


Writing has always been a hobby of mine, of course my mother always encouraged me but I somewhat assumed she was a little biased. When I started writing for the Notable I was seriously so excited to be part of a platform that I’ve read for so long and I did receive a lot of great feedback and congratulations for my first published story. Everyone then went back to their daily lives and the responses diminished drastically; the support I continue to receive is mostly consistent from the same people (thank you).

I don’t want to come across as a whiny Bachelor contestant; I know that my friends and family have my back, but is it so much to ask for a little confirmation every now and again?

I’m almost embarrassed to ask, but can’t you just like my stuff on social media? Unfortunately this is the world we now live in, where we are valued by how many thumbs up or hearts we receive online. In retrospect, I don’t (actually) care; I would much rather receive a verbal affirmation that you read my article and would prefer to hear and discuss your opinion rather than just see your name pop up in my notifications. But I’m not really getting either.


Everyone is so busy. Apologies over unanswered text messages are sent and received on a weekly basis. Rescheduled plans made week after week; we literally glamorize a hectic schedule like it’s a good thing. So I wonder, are we simply not taking the appropriate time to properly notice each other’s achievements? Or do we not even care? Is there too much pressure nowadays to keep up with the achievements of our peers that we choose to not give our support? Have we become too selfish?

The major disadvantage of social media is that we get to constantly compare ourselves to others; we are all guilty of this.

Whether it is a friend or someone we will probably never even meet, we scrutinize over appearances and flawless bodies, perfectly trendy clothes and beautifully decorated homes, life accomplishments and amazing travel experiences; while often forgetting that it is easy to portray perfection through photos and words.What we don’t see is what it took to get to that photo.

On the other hand, the incredible benefit of social media is how easy it is to support one another. So although the world might be in turmoil right now, show some love wherever and whenever you can; it only takes one second to tap.

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Megan Autumn

Megan is a creative being and footwear enthusiast within the fashion world of Montreal. Mildly obsessed with dogs (mostly her pug), Drake, cacti and PB. She's not a nice morning person until caffeinated, can get hangry, and generally prefers staying home. She is currently taking baby steps towards her life goals of retirement as a writer.