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All The Summer Coolers To Stock Up On Today

The average temperature in Canada has reached double digits above zero, and you know what that means – it’s drinking season (unless it’s been drinking season for you since March 13, 2020. Because… no judgement).

But there truly is something that hits different about a cool, refreshing cooler on a beautiful sunny day. It’s the nostalgia of a melted popsicle from your childhood mixed with the adult fun of getting a solid summer buzz on.

And that’s where we come in – with the list of 2021’s best drinks that will no doubt be filling your fridge in no time. Whether you want sweet, dry, or anything in between, there’s a drink for you.

White Claw

If you didn’t see an Instagram with the caption “ain’t no laws when you’re drinking claws” in the summer of 2019, did you even have a summer of 2019? After taking off in the states, White Claw made its way up north. Originally with three flavours (Lime, Mango, and Black Cherry), they have recently released a couple new flavours just in time for summer. Check your local liquor store for any of the classics, or the latest editions – raspberry and watermelon. 

Vizzy Seltzer

With flavour combinations like strawberry kiwi, pomegranate blueberry, and black cherry lime, Vizzy Hard Seltzer will be a welcome change of flavour to your summer drink menu. If you need reason beyond their unique flavour combinations to give this drink a shot, the organization recently brought on Canadian drag legend Priyakna on board with their brand! They have pledged $1M for Canadian LGBTQ+ organizations. 

Darling Mimosa

There is nothing better than a morning mimosa, and now you don’t have to worry about waking up and realizing you forgot orange juice! Darling Mimosa is exactly what it sounds like – a perfect morning mimosa in a (super cute) can. They are made with Ontario wine and orange juice, so buy ten and feel good about supporting the local economy. 

Coors Slice

Coors Slice is the refreshing taste of a Coors with the perfect citrus hints. Available in Slice Lime and Slice Orange, it’s like sipping the perfect drink every time – no chance of too much citrus to throw things off. These are new, so keep your eyes peeled on your next LCBO run.

Stock + Row

Stock + Row is a delicious local cider that’s really taking off. Their flavours include slow and low (a dry cider), lime crush, and cold tea. The great news is you can get free delivery of a 12 or 24 pack right to your doorstep (if you’re from Toronto or Prince Edward County). Summer, delivered.

Well Hibiscus

Want to drink well this summer? DrinkWell has you covered (okay, that was corny). Their Hibiscus Lemonade is a summer staple. Given their roots in cleanses and juices, you know the drink is made with quality ingredients only. Depending on where you are, you can also try their charcoal and spirulina drinks.

Georgian Bay Spirits

What’s cool, crisp, and tastes like a day on the lake? Literally any drink from the Georgian Bay Spirits line. In fact, it was nearly impossible to get your hands on their Vodka Smash a few years ago. Since then, they’ve extended their line of coolers to include two gin based drinks, two vodka based drinks, and a hard iced tea – all which are delicious and refreshing. 

Smirnoff Ice

Maybe Smirnoff Ice isn’t your ideal sipping drink, but you *clap* never *clap* outgrow *clap* icing *clap* your *clap* friends *clap*. And that is what summer is all about, isn’t it? Asking your friend to pass the box of graham crackers to cook up another s’more, only to see their reaction when they realize what’s in the box of graham crackers. Take a knee, babe. 

Smirnoff Berry Blast

Smirnoff Ice got a shoutout above, but Berry Blast needs its own moment. While it looks like mouthwash when poured into a glass, it genuinely tastes like a melted rocket pop. These drinks used to be limited edition to summer (which screams summer drink, am I right?) but are now available year-round, so you can definitely get your hands on it. 

Cottage Springs Vodka Water

Carbonation not really your thing? Cottage Springs released a boxed vodka water just in time for summer 2021, and excited is an understatement. There are also cans available in raspberry lime and strawberry kiwi, but after the year and a half you’ve had, you deserve the entire box.  

Social Lite

Social Lite really saw that we needed a pick-me-up this summer and said “hold my vodka soda”. With six new products to compliment their already delicious existing drink line, you can have a whole tasting event based on Social Lite alone. Orchard Apple paired with cheese, crackers, and fine meat? Don’t mind if we do. 

Nude Beverages

If you’re trying to get your summer buzz on without a sugar hangover, Nude is the drink for you. Their vodka soda, gin soda, iced tea, and tequila soda are all sugar, sweetener, and gluten free. None of the sweet stuff but all of the good stuff.  

Bud Light Seltzer

Another beer brand is moving into the seltzer game, and we are not mad about it. With flavours like grapefruit, pineapple, strawberry, and cranberry, you’ll find something to quench your thirst. And if their seltzers don’t hit the spot, Bud Light has a ton of great summer drinks: Bud Light Peels, Platinum, and Chelada, to name a few. 

Drink Bangarang

Bangarang Hard Seltzer is a refreshing blend of our seltzer and all natural flavours. After a year of having to keep our distances, the Bangarang message is a great one – a call to unite. So pick up these delicious seltzers, send one to a loved one, and unite over a drink.

Palm Bay Frozen Pouches

For many, Palm Bay tastes a lot like first year university (and if you’re in first year university, the selection of coolers you get to enjoy is incredible. Palm Bay walked so White Claw could run). However, the frozen pouches reinvent the entire experience. The nostalgia of biking for slushies in the summer paired with 5% alcohol? Doesn’t get better.

Rosewood Wine, No Bad Days

White wine drinks? They have it. Red wine? Of course. Honey? Candles? Gifts? Check, check, check. But the summer standout from Rosewood is their sangria pouch. With a gorgeous design on the front, you can get the perfect sangria pour wherever you go. 

Paradise Grapevine

Paradise Grapevine is a wine and beer bar from Toronto that has allowed their amazing drinks to be brought home with you. Their pep talk rose is the perfect pep talk after a hard summer day of… tanning, reading a book, or enjoying time with loved ones. You know, when it’s needed.

Belgian Moon Honey Daze

Reviews claim this Belgian Moon drink has “knocked it out of the park” and will be “hard to keep on the shelf”. And they took the words right out of our mouth! This is already a great and crisp summer beer, but the hint of honey makes all the difference. If you happen to see it, pick up a few!

Did we miss your go-to summer cooler? Let us know in the comments so we can try it!

Katie McCann

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