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A Lingerie Store is Using a Smart Mirror to Perfectly Measure Your Bra Size

A lingerie shop in London and Hong Kong is making it easier for women to determine their bra size.

And we’ve all heard it before: most ladies are walking around in bras that aren’t the proper size.

That’s why Rigby & Peller is using a high-tech scanning device inside a mirror to measure its customers’ bra size, eliminating the hands and measuring tape of the sales associate.


The digital body scanner creates a 3D model of the upper body, taking 140 measurements as customers do a 360-degree turn. The store claims that the measurements are more accurate than those taken by hand. The whole thing takes less than a minute.


With the help of the 3D mirror, your lingerie stylist then suggests the most suitable styles and colours to complement individual shapes and figures. Taking it a step further, the mirror even photographs the customer in the garments and displays the image on the monitor so she may compare and choose styles.

Making it easy to document changes – both positive and not so positive – to your body, your Shape ID information (along with your recent purchases and preferences) are all saved for your next visit, offering a more personalized experience for every shopper.


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