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A Growing Number of Brands Are Making Gym-Friendly Makeup

It’s been the (First World) dilemma of fitness-loving females long before yoga and Pilates became mainstream.

Do you hit the gym with a face of makeup despite the potential ramifications (blocked pores and potential breakouts), or do you opt to go natural and end up looking like a shiny, red-faced mess by the end?

Finally, however, a number of cosmetic brands are working on developing gym-friendly product lines.945

The goal is to keep you looking good as you sweat and sculpt, without harming your skin.

As PSFK reports, Tarte’s Hustle and Glow collection includes gems like sweat-proof mascara, highlighting moisturizer and tinted and highlighting bronzer. In June 2016, Birchbox also released its own product line, Arrow, for the gym. Then there’s Sweat, a gym-oriented product line that was developed by a team of five female professional and Olympic athletes. It includes things like a mineral foundation, and translucent bronzer and power, all filled with Vitamin E and antioxidants (so it actually helps your skin as you simultaneously sweat out the toxins).

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While sweat-proof cosmetics have been around for years, it’s only recently that beauty brands have begun to brand and package them as being designed for the gym. They’ve also expanded on the concept with fresh, natural-looking products (because a full face of glam makeup isn’t always the best look at the gym).

As PSFK highlights, this shift is the result of a shift in the way people think about working out and the way active lifestyle has changed.

“The active lifestyle and culture has changed—going to the gym, to a yoga or Pilates class is much more than just working out. Now it’s a social experience. You don’t just go quickly and quietly work out alone and leave,” founder of sweat-resistant cosmetic brand Rae Cosmetics, Rochelle Rae told Fast Company. “You meet friends, then have a coffee or snack, you might even meet a future date and hit happy hour on a patio…You meet more people at the gym than at a nightclub or grocery store. So you want to look your best.”

Now, there are no shortage of options to help your sweatin’ pretty cause.

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