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A Full Recap of the 2014 Quebec Notable Awards

After a two-year hiatus and a constant request to bring them back, we did it. The Quebec Notable Awards arrived on Wednesday, November 26th and what a night it was. From P.K. Subban stepping to the stage to the delicious food vendors that kept our mouths watering all night, here is what you missed at the best humpday this city has seen in a long time


The 2nd Annual Quebec Notable Awards kicked off in Montreal with a bang Wednesday night and didn’t let up until the early hours Thursday morning.

Which means this post is definitely going to give you FOMO – even if you were there.

The Montreal Science Centre played host as Quebec’s brightest young professionals and entrepreneurs (YPs/YEs) gathered under the same roof to celebrate everything our generation has been able to accomplish and highlight a few of the talented individuals that have helped us get there.

Outfitted with a red carpet leading straight to a popular step and repeat, the stylish entrance to The Montreal Science Centre set the tone for the entire evening.  

Once guests showed off their best vogue pose, they caught glimpses of the fresh, sleek, and shiny Ford Fusion parked inside. OHs and AHs were heard echoing all around as car aficionados admired our Ford centrepiece.

Yes, it’s that nice.

Once the clock hit 7pm, all the finalists and their respective dates took places at one of the 21 well-dressed tables. Sipping on Robert Mondavi Wine, their plates were filled with delicious salads from Miss Pret A Manger, perfectly made crab cakes from Le Pois Penche, and mouth-watering pies and lemon squares from Rustique Pies.

Stop drooling.

The ceremony took off with Notable CEO Julian Brass welcoming everyone to the 2nd edition of the Quebec Notable Awards and sharing the vision behind Notable and the importance of living and recognizing the 360° lifestyle of a YP and YE.

Then the big moments came.

Winners were announced and invited on stage to partake in a Q&A session rather than a speech. This approach better acquainted everyone in attendance with the winners, and let them in on the secrets to their success.

Notable icons Genevieve Borne, Jeff Baikowitz, and past Notable Award Winner Eran Elfassy from Mackage also took the stage to present categories and congratulate winners.

As notable as everyone in attendance was, the highlight of everyone’s night was seeing and hearing Montreal Canadiens superstar P.K. Subban accept awards for best in Sports & Fitness and the Go Further Fusion Award. His humble nature, impressive hockey skills, and wonderful work in the community truly embodied what a real YP and YE should be: down to earth, hard working, and eager to help others.

Thank you, P.K. (And GO HABS!)

Other memorable moments include Breakfast Televisions Montreal’s Alex Despatie acceptance video for Entertainment, Antonio Park taking home the Best Chef category (while reminding us why he’s truly a visionary), Elisa Dahan taking the Fashion Award for Mackage (that’s twice the fashion house has brought it home), Josh Silver’s dapper turtleneck and suit combo, and Dj YO-C’s on stage musical presence.

Once the awards ceremony was over, finalists, winners, and special guests moved to the VIP Cocktail Area where the open bar was being run by the one and only Brahm Mauer, who poured wine and spirits from Finlandia, Jack Daniel’s, Herradura, and Robert Mondavi.

Of course, Porter Airlines also helped make all of this come true with their sponsorship love, and our two PR mavens, Katia Piccolino and Leisa Lee, definietely deserve a shout-out for their ability to spread the word – literally.

Notable food stations were a huge success with foodies indulging in special dishes from hot spots including RYU, L’Atelier D Argentine, Bevo Pizza, Kyozon, and Rasoi.

Then, suddenly, it was 9:30pm. 

Time for the after-party – aka: a deluge of even more of the province’s hottest young professionals, movers and shakers, notable readers, and the who’s who of Montreal filling the Science Centre, mingling, ordering their drinks of choice, and bringing the dance floor down. Oh, and obviously scoring a few photo opps with P.K. and sharing memories across social media.

Need proof?

Check #NotableAwards for the amazing craziness that went down and our full event photo gallery here. Plus, find all the winners from the awards right here

Toronto, you’re next. We hope you’re ready.


Photography by Riccardo Cellere

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