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7 Reliable Moving Companies in Toronto

Moving is truly a pain in the ass. It’s often cited as being almost as stressful as divorce, and there’s a good reason for that.

Beyond the emotional aspect of leaving behind a place you’ve called home for years – where maybe you shared your first kiss with your now husband, or brought your baby home for the first time – there’s the whole packing up and sorting through your whole life part.

Oh, and then you have to physically move it.

This is why moving companies are so popular. No one wants to fathom moving homes on their own – and even if you can get the help of a few good friends, they will only say yes before they hate you for all entirety.

Of course, there are many Craigslist movers that will offer you a great deal only to break your most valuable items and charge you more than they quoted in the end. Just remember, you get what you pay for.

So here are the 7 moving companies in Toronto with the best reputation in the city just in case you actually like having your stuff remain unbroken.

Cargo Cabbie
Routinely rated the best moving company in Toronto, Cargo Cabbie has built a reputation on having a crew of experienced, in shape, non-smoking movers to ensure your move goes as efficiently as possible. Not only will they help you pack before the move if you need such services, they will also bring all the boxes and supplies you’ll need, and help assemble furniture at your new apartment. Prices depend on the size of your apartment and items you need moved, but the average estimate is $200 for the first hour and $50 for each additional 30 minutes required.

The name says it all. This family run business has been making movers happy since 2000, with 8 trucks serving Toronto, and a truck dedicated to long distance moves if you’re jumping ship across the country or the States. Best of all, they have a price match guarantee, so if you’re given a lower quote from another (reputable) moving company, they’ll meet it.

Augusta Movers
Offering everything you’ll need to make a move go smoothly: packing supplies, packing services, movers, and even storage, Augusta Movers has built a solid word of mouth reputation, and offers free estimates online based on the size of your apartment and the distance of your move.

Tender Touch
While breakage is something you always mentally prepare yourself for during a move, Tender Touch has very clear and transparent policies on what happens if they break something of yours, and forms available on their site so you can easily claim the damage and replace your busted items if anything were to happen. We’ve all heard the horror stories of terrible movers who break your valuables and refuse to replace them – make sure you know where you stand before you commit.

Miracle Movers
With locations in Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver, this moving company is the master of the cross-country move, and their rave reviews and strong Better Business Bureau rating mean you can count on them not to destroy your property.

Toronto Pro
With an online estimator and free in-home estimates, you can easily get a quote from Toronto Pro on what the move should cost you. Like the competition, they also offer supplies, packing, and storage services on top of the actual moving day duties, and are able to do home, office, and long distance moves in a pinch.

El Cheapo
After 25 years in the business, El Cheapo prides themselves on being one of the more reasonably priced moving services in the city. Lasting as long as they have with all the competition, they’re definitely doing something right.


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