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7 Reasons You Should (Literally) Clean Out Your Closet Before the New Year

Out with the old, in with the new: 2017 is almost here.

If you’re looking for something to do today (and find a distraction from everyone’s beach-filled social media shots), it may be a good idea to clean out your closet before 2017 arrives.

Aside from the fact that an unorganized closet is ‘so 2016,’ here are seven other reasons why:

1. If you didn’t wear it in 2016, you (probably) won’t wear it in 2017.
If you’ve gone though four seasons of 2016 and not worn an item of clothing in your closet, odds are, you won’t wear it in 2016 either. Instead, it’s probably just taking up precious real estate in your closet.


2. You’ll rediscover clothing items to pair with your holiday gifts and Boxing Day finds.
Organizing your closet inevitably means you’ll rediscover items that you forgot you had – but that will actually look amazing with those new pair of boots, that leather jacket, or accessories that have entered your life this holiday season.


3. You’ll save more time that can be directed to achieving your New Year’s Resolutions.
If your inability to find anything to wear on the regular in your unorganized or neglected closet is taking up too much time in your day, it’s time to reorganize. Time spent ironing those items in the back of your closet, rummaging through unorganized hangers of clothing, and coordinating uninspiring outfits could be used for more productive (and way less annoying) things, like focusing on your New Year’s resolutions.


4. It’s a way to make some extra cash or give back.
If the holidays took a serious toll on your wallet, you can make some cash back by taking your unwanted clothes to consignment stores, selling them online, or hosting a sale at your place. As it’s the season for giving, you can also feel good about donating your items to clothing drives or charitable organizations. Win/win, right? 


5. You can justify more shopping.
Once you’ve cleared room in your closet and either sold your clothing or given them to charity, you can feel better about shopping for all the new things you just have to have for 2017. You now have a surplus of hangers to use, after all.

Woman carrying shopping bags

6. You’ll clear your mind for the New Year.
An uncluttered closet means a clear mind (at least, it does for me). When life starts to get hectic again come mid-January – like a cold slap in the face –  your morning routine will be less panic inducing when all your clothes are neatly organized. While you’re at it, you may want to tackle the kitchen…


7. You’ll look better.
No matter what your New Year’s resolutions are, they should probably also include the fact that you want to look as good as you can doing them (i.e. I want to make as much money as possible this year, and look as good as possible doing it). Cleaning out your closet means the creation of new outfits, the rediscovery of old pieces, a potential shopping trip, and less last-minute, subpar outfits thanks to a neglected closet. When you look good, you’ll feel more confident and ready to take on those ambitious resolutions.


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