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You’ll Soon Be Able to Type Emojis on Your Mac Keyboard

Remember when we told you using more emojis = more sex? Soon you'll be able to up your cyber game on Mac computers instead of just mobile. That's right, the emoji keyboard is here, and is just 20k in funding away from production

Last month we told you about a study that proves more emojis = more sex. It’s perfectly reasonable, then, to expect people to litter every possible conversation with them. 

So why stop at mobile?

California-based tech studio Disk Cactus has a team of ‘Emoji Scientists’ working hard to put your favourite goofy characters under your fingertips. They’re currently putting the final touches on a silicone keyboard cover, which works together with custom keyboard software, and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to push the project to completion. The video is exactly what you’d expect:

For those who couldn’t sit through another second of the video, here’s how it works:

The keyboard cover displays all of your favourite emojis, offering access to over 150 in total. The custom software allows you to use of the keyboard, which is activated by pushing the caps lock key. Shift, control, and option will unlock a secret world of emojis not present on the keyboard. 

“You can have more evocative and abstract ideas connecting and communicating and conveying ideas and emotions,” says co-founder Benjamin Lotan.



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