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Yes, Bucket Hats Are Cool Again

Though obviously a polarizing trend, more and more men are topping off their looks with one of this year's favourite accessories: a bucket hat. We can't believe we're saying it either, but yes, this floppy topper has become a thing

Though obviously a polarizing trend, more and more men are topping off their looks with one of this year’s favourite accessories: a bucket hat. The floppy topper was traditionally worn by Irish fishermen and farmers to protect them from the rain, and back in the 1940s the soft caps were worn by the US Navy and Israeli Defense Force troops battling the rays of the sun. Because of the style’s functionality in combination with its avant-garde look, celebrities like Leonardo Dicaprio, Pharrell Williams and Justin Bieber are sporting it as the baseball cap alternative. Below are 11 ways to bring the bucket hat into your wardrobe.


1. Mark McNair brings the beach and the city together on his runway show by pairing the floppy topper with a plaid trench, floral shorts and classic brogues.

2. This bucket hat proves to show no hindrance in smart attire. 

3. Pairing your hat with a statement jacket adds adventure to your wardrobe. 

4. Create a look that combines fisherman form with high fashion by pairing with a baseball jacket and cargo shorts.

5. Keep it clean, classic and crisp in a white dress shirt and slacks.

6. Fusing the revelation of style with the practicality of conditions, Toronto’s Get Fresh Company keeps up with the freshness of a new season by matching a reversible version of the must-have accessory with an all-black ensemble.  

7. Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen incorporates this year’s most favuorable fashions by coordinating a bucket hat with Birkenstocks and a bomber.  

8. E. Tautz shows us the versatility of such a popular trend.

9. Big Sean left behind the surfer boy look by matching his bucket hat with a timeless tweed suit, a striped dress shirt and a tartan tie. 

10. Leo creates a casual combination that is ideal for a day by the pool or on the beach.

11. A typically dressed-down accessory can still have a tailored finish that embodies the smart and sophisticated.


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