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What Your Favourite Ice Cream Flavour Says About You

Step aside, astrology; it’s summertime and your services are no longer required.

Everything we need to know about a person, we can tell by their favourite ice cream flavour.

Based on years of ice cream dates, detailed observation, and formal scientific research conducted by nobody, here is what ice cream preference says about our personalities.

And if your favorite flavour isn’t listed, you can probably just assume you don’t have a soul…

Mint Chocolate Chip
You balance a taste for the eccentric with an appreciation for familiarity, and a thirst for adventure with a need for predictability. You are both complex and simple at the very same time. And more importantly, you have the best possible taste in ice cream.

Rocky Road
Your playful side is an endearing complement to your refined, formal exterior. Now and then you might give out one-too-many “F**k off and die” faces, which are particularly frightening to children, but those closest to you know that even though you’re a little nuts, you’ve got plenty of marshmallow inside.

Despite its bland connotations, you are profoundly and perpetually creative, have an affinity for accessories, enhancements, and customizations, and are a very generous and thorough lover. Yup, I went all the way there from ice cream. Oh, and you’ve been known to involve chocolate in things…all kinds of things.

Chocolate and Chocolate _____________
Your nostalgia can sometimes get in the way of your own progress, but ultimately people are drawn to your loyalty and your appreciation for relationships. Deep down you still kinda hate vegetables but you understand that if your indulgent side ruled, you’d be too fat to watch Netflix. Scientifically, I’m not sure how that would work, but you know it sounds about right.

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Peanut-Butter Chocolate
You’ve certainly got your quirks, but everyone loves a goofy friend with self-confidence. Often nobody knows what you’re going to do next, but at your core, you are a creature of dedication and habit. Few things beat a silly comedy and you have a special connection with dogs; especially when you impersonate their thoughts out loud in front of other people because awkward silences are totally not your thing.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Extrovert through and through, you love being the life of the party and probably can’t picture life without them. You’ve been skinny-dipping at least twice in the last two years and you don’t think there’s a point in listening to music in the car unless your singing volume is louder. Marijuana is your friend.

If it wasn’t literally a tramp-stamp, you’d probably consider getting a tattoo of the Starbucks mermaid. Especially if they could scan it as your rewards card. You love the finer things in life; classy dinners, luxurious vacations and words with accents. You probably wear floofy shirts and yoga pants more often than most and if you could, you would f***ing choke Mondays to death.

Blueberry Ripple
You are very conscientious, observant, and open to new experiences. While you have a solid perception of what usually does and does not work, you are more than happy to go with the flow when the right people are around. Except when it comes to Nickelback; that’s where you draw the line.

Cookies & Cream or Oreo
You are decisive, self-assured, and know when not to mess with a good thing. The last time you cared about other people’s opinions, you were looking at an X-Ray of your broken femur, and even then you were trying to squat a hospital bed when the doctor wasn’t looking. Once you’ve made up your mind, there’s no turning back, and last time someone sold you a mushy Oreo ice cream sandwich you had to hide from the police.

Gold Medal Ribbon
Your refined palate and intellectual appetite has you well ahead of your years in matters of emotional maturity and general comprehension of the important things in life. You know how to spot a good thing when you see it and even when you don’t, your positive spirits are inspirational to those around you. In other words, you’re pretty awesome and everyone knows it. Now if only you were a bit more patient with idiots…

Pralines and Cream
You’re a little on the safer, quiter side of things. It’s not that you’re not outgoing or spontaneous; it’s more that you value your comfort and don’t tend to need big bursts of stimulation and attention from the world around you. Except for sex. You really like sex. Usually the weird kind too.

Moose Tracks
You’re usually right. About most things. And that bothers people. But what the hell are you supposed to do about that? Be wrong more? That’s stupid.

Birthday Cake or Bubble Gum
Do your parents know you’re using the internet right now?

Burnt Toffee, Burnt Marshmallow, or Burnt Anything
Your desire to express yourself uniquely is surpassed only by your desire to not look like you have a desire to have a desire. You perceive great value from both obscurity and repetition, as long as the repetition is done in an obscure way. As of 2012, you like beards and grilled cheese aside, you are a terrible cook.

You Prefer Gelato
Oh, stop it.


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