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Welcome to the Best Business Trip You’ll Ever Take

If you’re driven to succeed at the highest level and want to solve business problems – that aren’t necessarily funding related – this is definitely the getaway for you. Did we mention you’ll be spending the week kiteboarding in paradise? Thought that would get your attention

Here’s a combo you’ve probably never heard of but is absolutely perfect: kiteboarding, digital marketing, and paradise.

And this is your chance to experience all three. 

BOOST is a week-long (Feb. 27 to March 5, 2015) escape to the sandy beaches of Turks & Caicos – we’re still mad the islands didn’t join Canada, by the way – for what can only be described as the best business trip you’ll probably ever take. It’s the ideal balance of work and play, giving you an arsenal of digital marketing solutions between extensive bouts of flying through the air and ripping across the ocean attached to a kite. 

“I’m always amazed by the clarity and focus I get at work after I’ve been out for a session on the water. Kiteboarding requires you to be super present,” says BOOST business lead Jackson Wightman. 

This realization inspired Wightman to offer young professionals a situation where they could leverage the renewed perspective kiting provides and interact with top experts in a small group to solve their most pressing digital marketing challenges – at a fraction of the cost an agency would charge for a typical digital marketing audit or strategic plan.

You’ll benefit from the wise words of world-leading mobile commerce thinker Tim Hayden, social media pioneer Misiek Piskorski, and content strategy wizard Steven Grindlay between trips to remote (mind-blowing) locations and endless adventurous activities.

“BOOST is the ideal getaway because your employer or business will love you for having the answers to digital marketing problems that seemed intractable and you will love yourself for learning to kitesurf,” says Kite Provo Owner Mike Fox, whose kiteboarding school is co-organizing the event along with Wightman’s digital marketing and PR agency Proper Propaganda

The digital marketing education is developed specifically for your business over the course of several months after a thorough evaluation that begins the moment a company registers. It’s a full-service experience as rare as going on vacation to better your business. And that’s just the kind of irony we love.


Now let’s get into the fun. 

You’ll be living in the five-star Windhaven Villas. Stand-up paddleboarding will be your morning workout, while health and wellness seminars abound. You can snorkel in one of the world’s best undersea life locations along a breathtaking barrier reef, and while kiteboarding is the new golf, you’ll still have a chance to hit the real links. 


Ultimately, though, BOOST is all about strapping on a kite and getting some hangtime. This next-level experience will show you what it means to fly, with lessons by kiting pros before hitting the water along with follow-up yoga and nutrition sessions that’ll ensure you’re fit for the next day.

“Discover how amazing Turks and Caicos is for practicing and progressing at the sport,” Fox tells us when we ask him why this is the ideal escape for young professionals.

“[Kiteboarding] has an ability to bring business people together in a way that facilitates getting work done.” 

We couldn’t think of a more fitting end goal – not to mention a business expense has never sounded so good. 

Register today to claim one of BOOST’s 16 coveted spots, ranging from $9,000 USD for single occupancy to $13,000 USD for double occupancy.


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