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Weekend Tea

As a Young Professional we know how hard you work and how valued your weekends are, which is why we thought we’d let you in on our best-kept weekend secret: Afternoon Tea

It’s Monday just after lunch and the weekend couldn’t be further away from you then it is right now. Don’t dread the upcoming work week, embrace it. And, while you throw both arms around how much you will accomplish this week, why not take a second to give yourself something to look forward to this weekend? We know you want to do something notable.

But then it clicks in that it’s the end of winter and in terms of daytime outings, there’s nothing notable to be done except for the whole late brunch thing. Well, as a Young Professional we know how hard you work and how valued your weekends are, which is why we thought we’d let you in on our best-kept weekend secret: Afternoon Tea.

Some of Toronto’s top hotels offer Afternoon Tea, inviting you to lounge at the hotel all whilst being fed little sandwiches, scones, fine bite-sized desserts, as you sip tea out of chinaware that would put your grandmothers’ collection to shame. Afternoon Tea is all about the experience, rather then a quick in-and-out tea. We’d equate it to going for a nice lunch, where the restaurant and your company create the experience. Unlike getting a tea at a Cafe, you can instead take pleasure in choosing from a seemingly unlimited selection of the finest teas, with time to savour each sip. Unwind.

Here are our picks of the top places to experience high tea in Toronto:

1) For the one who wants to get whisked away
With an acoustic guitar player performing softly in the background, the Fairmont Royal York offers the most elaborate experience. With three courses, over the top service and an environment that offers luxury, this experience is perfect for someone who wants to spend the day in another world, where work and worries seize to exist. Of Note: Seasonal berry cocktail with toasted crumpet covered in Grand Marnier honey butter.

2) For the one who’s wants to infuse fun into their day
If you like dining at chic places, then the Windsor Arms Hotel tea room is perfect for you. The intimate room is reminiscent of a living room and is perfect for the person who not only appreciates the finer things. With the largest selection of teas, this hotel boasts 30 various options with descriptions of each tea, similar to how one selects the perfect wine. The tea room offers a fun infused vibe, and don’t be surprised if you see people taking turns sipping between their flutes and their chinaware. Of Note: Smoked Salmon and Wasabi Sour Cream with Salmon Caviar.  

3) For the one who likes their privacy
The spacious tea room at King Edward Hotel is perfect for someone who wants to spend some quiet time with their company while enjoying pint sized pastries and party sandwiches. The serving is the ideal size leaving you satisfied but not overly full. The servers deliver items then allow you to sit with your company, fairly distraction free. Of Note: A wooden box filled with 12 types of tea is presented to you upon your arrival, with twist off caps so you can smell the tea leaves.

4) For the one with a jam-packed itinerary
If you want to enjoy your afternoon in moderation before you get to your other to do’s, then Park Hyatt is for you. With quick service and a basic afternoon tea, you have just enough time to enjoy the indulgence in the elegant atmosphere without making a day of it. Of Note: Currant, Orange & Cream Scones.

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