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Watch Former Conservative MP Eve Adams Switch Teams and Join the Liberal Party

Imagine your favourite long-time Leafs player demanding a trade to the Canadiens while praising all that's great about Montreal. Talk about bold. And yet, that's pretty much the kind of move former Conservative MP Eve Adams made yesterday when she crossed the floor

Crossing the floor isn’t all that uncommon.

But rarely does it happen that an elected official so brazenly switches teams from one of Canada’s two rival political parties to the other, as MP Eve Adams did yesterday when she went Red after playing on the Blue team since she was 14. 

The rivalry, the colours, the supporter attachment – it’s as if your favourite long-time Leafs player demanded a trade to the Canadiens and then praised all that’s great about Montreal.

Pretty bold, as well as both noble and professionally unwise; her influence, as a result of the switch, has surely taken a dive.

Watch as she airs her qualms about Canada’s divisive, mean-spirited leadership and throws her support behind Liberal candidate Justin Trudeau in a bombshell video statement:


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