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Vogue Declares Toronto a Foodie Hot Spot, Lists 11 Favourite Places to Eat

Toronto, you have an admirer.

None other than fashion bible Vogue has once again been singing the praises of the 6ix, this time in an article that details the reasons – namely the restaurants and eateries – that are making this city a mecca for munching.

So is Vogue in love with us? Well, it would certainly appear so. The magazine has been swiping right for Toronto and gushing about us to their friends of late. Back in 2014, Vogue named Queen Street West the second best neighbourhood in the world to live in.

But now Vogue can no longer contain itself to this downtown neck of the woods. Despite its glossy pages being full of spindly legged models who probably exist on a diet of green leaves, it seems the way to Vogue’s heart is through its stomach – and as such they’ve highlighted 11 reasons why our culinary scene is way better than yours.

With spots listed across the city – from Kensington Market to Roncesvalles and Trinity Bellwoods – for foodies to get their fix, Vogue is certainly making sure Toronto is on the radar of all famished fashionistas.

The article talks about how the melting-pot nature of Toronto’s culinary landscape has created a huge diversity of foods and flavours, and encouraged Michelin-starred chefs to head north to set up shop. And despite the mixed bag food scene that the city experiences, making it hard to know where to go or what to choose at times, it’s this creativity and lack of inhibition that has made it such an exciting hub for the hungry.

“Toronto’s food is a kind of synthesis—it pulls from all sorts of traditions around us and turns them into something that is uniquely Toronto,” says Vogue’s Claudia McNeilly.

So put down that Tim Horton’s and get yourself to one of these fabulous food establishments now. While the gamut of eateries was extensive, they managed to whittle them down to a chosen few.

Here is Vogue’s definitive list of 11 restaurants foodies should flock to in Toronto:

1. Alo
2. Bar Isabel
3. DaiLo
4. Boralia
5. The Black Hoof
6. Foxley
7. Canoe
8. Fring’s
9. Rasta Pasta
10. Peoples Eatery
11. Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery


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