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Video: Trevor Noah’s Debut Daily Show Monologue is Pretty Damn Good

Last night marked the debut of The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, the South African comedian who’s now the black stepdad of the show following the departure of paternal father Jon Stewart.

(His words).

Acknowledging the absurdity of his appointment, Noah admitted how surreal it was to have his job considering his only other dream growing up on the dusty streets of South Africa was having an indoor toilet.

Noah delivered a pretty flawless opening monologue that strayed pleasingly offside a few times – remarking on the size of the pope’s penis, throwing in an AID(E)S joke, and a dark Whitney Houston reference – and came across as a genuinely likeable personality.

The 31-year-old certainly did an admirable job of silencing the many critics who deemed him unfit for the role back in March.

Watch, as Noah pledges to continue fighting the war on bullsh*t:


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