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Video: These Electric Surfboards Allow You to Surf on Flat Water (And You REALLY Want One)

We’ve been waiting for this to become a thing…and now it finally has.

For all of those that have dreamed of being able to surf on open waters but haven’t had a chance to take lessons, this might just be what you were waiting for.

A ‘wave’ of companies are now offering battery-powered boards that allow you to surf your little adrenaline junkie self off into the sunset without any need for motion in the ocean.

Best part? You can take these babies out on rivers and lakes as well, which is great for any city-dwelling YP’s that don’t have the chance to travel much.


Spanish watersports brand Onean has unveiled two battery-powered boards called the Carver and Manta. Both of their boards are almost silent and can travel at significant speed with the Carver reaching up to 71 km/hr (44 mph). The speed and direction are all controlled by a hand-held remote so you can venture anywhere you want.

The luxurious German-designed Lampuga joins the crowd, and brings speeds up to 34 mph (55 km/h) along with it, offering an enviromentally friendly design with a controlled steering belt which also carries the accelerator throttle attached to the bow of the board.


Prices vary, but generally start around $5600 top out at a whooping $16,000.

Sometimes, fun does come at a price. But this seems like it might be worth it to us…


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