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Video: The US Department of Defense Has Developed ‘Course Correcting’ Bullets

The United States Defense Department is developing a technology that pretty much turns anyone with a rifle in their hand into an expert shooter. This video showing off the course-correcting bullets is both impressive and unsettling

The United States Defense Department has released an impressive/unsettling video that shows off a self-steering bullet technology currently in development. 

Once fixed on a target, the Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance (EXACTO) course corrects bullets mid-air to ensure they achieve their desired hit despite variables like weather, wind, and other factors that would otherwise throw off one’s aim. 

Six expert shooters scored direct hits during a live-fire test of the technology before a novice shooter – a first-time user of a sniper rifle – managed the same:

So let’s hope this stays in the right hands, shall we?


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