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Video: Ottawa Cabbie Verbally Abuses Uber Driver, Tells Him to Get a Real Job

Every few days there’s a new chapter in the Great Taxi-Uber War.

Until now, though, the battle has been void of any fisticuffs, instead carried out through social media posts and the odd court case.

All of that very nearly changed last week when an Ottawa cabbie decided to take the law into his own hands and berate an Uber driver and passenger for not taking a licensed taxi.

“You think I’m joking? If I see you again, you’re dead meat,” says the man, who urges the driver to get out of the car and unwisely threatens to call the police. He then calls his passenger a cheapskate and tells him to take a real taxi, which makes about as much sense as a Ferrari salesman stopping a guy in a Prius and demanding that peasant drive a real car.

Finally, he angrily suggests the Uber driver get a real job, like driving people around in a car, as he does.

Ottawa police have launched an investigation, though no charges have been filed because a victim complaint hasn’t been received.

On top of taking a major step backwards for honest, hardworking taxi drivers, the man’s actions make for an entertaining start to your Monday morning…


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