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Video: GTA Guy Makes Hilarious Car Commercial Parody to Sell His Old Car

Selling a car can be soul-crushing.

While you may see a car that’s been well-loved, full of fond memories, a dear old friend; a potential seller sees only the mileage you’ve racked up and your battered old fender.

Do you quickly drop the price and resort to nearest offers? Or do you keep your pride, stick it out – and risk ending up with a car on the market for over a year?

‘Cause that’s what Rob did. For the last twelve months he’s been trying to sell his car on Kijiji. But since no one has paid it any attention, he decided to try a different tactic in hopes of getting it on someone else’s road.

The filmmaker and his producer friend, Chris Hau, made their very own epic car commercial, complete with titles and a voiceover guy. The professional looking video highlights some of Rob’s “not-so-new” 2010 Nissan Altima’s features; including its four rubber wheels, gas input and output, as well as its, er, windshield wipers?

Hau, who is based in Toronto, posted the hilarious “over-the-top” car commercial to his Facebook page, and in just four hours it’s already received 12k views.

Let’s hope that someone out there snaps up the car, for $12,499 (or best offer) ASAP. And know that if you buy now, Rob will even throw in the leather seats for free.

Guy makes epic commercial to sell old car!My buddy Rob’s been trying to sell his car for over a year now, so we made this kinda over-the-top car commercial to see if we can get a few offers on the table! Tag your friend’s that are in the market for a new car… or just need a good laugh 🙂

Posted by Chris Hau on Tuesday, February 9, 2016


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